January, 2013

The moral inconsistency of Australia’s stance on Iran

, Jan 15, 2013

Iran is alleged to have an active nuclear weapons program. There is no evidence to prove it has one -- and the sanctions that Bob Carr is proposing are unfair, writes political researcher NAJ Taylor.

American Presidential politics: the Israel-Iran factor

, Mar 07, 2012

If American politics seem particularly bizarre in this current micro-era of extreme polarisation, one is jolted from idle smugness by remembering what’s at stake, writes W H Chong.
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Why Iranians should support sanctions

, Jun 15, 2010

The fresh energy sanctions imposed on Iran are the best way the West can support the Green movement. Sanctions helped bring democracy to South Africa and they can work in Iran too.

How Iran gets ships through the sanctions

, Jun 10, 2010

Iran is obtaining military technology by using shell shipping companies and changing ships names to obscure the true owners of its freighters and to help go under the radar of UN sanctions.

Iran hit with tougher sanctions

, Jun 10, 2010

The UN Security Council has voted to put new, tougher sanctions on Iran, in protest to its nuclear program, with even Russia and China voting in favour. But will the sanctions work?