June, 2017

Trump retreats from airplane laptop ban, not that you’d read about it

, Jun 30, 2017

The original bans, enacted late in March, claimed there was an imminent risk of micro amounts of explosive material being carried on board flights in the likes of iPhones and popular tablets.
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iSpruik: how Apple maintains the tech hype

, Sep 09, 2014

The Apple rumour mill is working overtime to keep up with speculation about the imminent release of the iPhone 6. At some point, the obsession with increasingly invasive tech will have to wane...right?
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The fact is, one size doesn’t fit all platforms

, Sep 10, 2012

As today's news media executives deal with agonies of the present, there are unexamined claims that get thrown around and fond hopes and cost exigencies that are misprepresented as bright new ways forward.

Why the iPad mini is going to happen

, Jul 24, 2012

There has been much speculation over whether Apple will introduce a mini iPad. It's not just likely but inevitable -- and a price point chart explains why, says Chris Taylor.

Look no further than Apple to explain the retail woes here

, Apr 30, 2012

Apple is often ignored by retailers and analysts looking to explain the current malaise hitting the electronics retailing sector in Australia.

Apple in court: ACCC iPad fight tests dodgy 4G claims

, Mar 28, 2012

4G is a dog's breakfast, and Apple may end up eating it, served on an iPad. The ACCC says describing the new iPad as "iPad with WiFi + 4G" is misleading. They've got a point.

Ah, the tech-soap that is Apple will run and run

, Jan 25, 2012

Just in case you stayed under your rock longer than usual this morning, there's been two huge stories about the world's richest technology company overnight.

Steve Jobs deserved his cult — you don’t even know how he influenced you

, Oct 06, 2011

Steven "Steve" Paul Jobs is dead. He certainly influenced my life. And yours too. Even if you've never bought an Apple product.

Amazon’s strategy: sell ’em cheap, pocket dosh from apps and ads

, Oct 03, 2011

Amazon and Apple's business strategies are diametrically opposed: Apple relies largely on hardware sales but Amazon is all about directing users to various forms of media, writes Frédéric Filloux.

Can the Kindle Fire extinguish Apple’s tablet stranglehold?

, Sep 29, 2011

In a bold move to break up the tablet PC market Amazon have announced the Kindle Fire, a lightweight seven inch iPad competitor, reports Jeff Bullas.