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Tag archives: interest rate rises

Ted’s still firing on law and order

Ted’s still firing on law and order

Richard Farmer December 6, 2010 1 Comment

It is clearly hard to get out of that election mode when posturing about tough on law and order is seen by politicians as a pre-requisite for success.

Hockey wins big from rate rise

Hockey wins big from rate rise

Crikey November 3, 2010

Australian mortgage owners aren't exactly chuffed by the RBA's latest interest rate rise, but at least one man would be secretly happy: Joe Hockey. This rise provides a grand finale to his recent round of "Hockeynomics," writes Lenore Taylor.

RBA minutes: prudent not to hold back on rate rise

Glenn Dyer April 20, 2010

Could we be on the cusp of more interest rate rises than we thought from the Reserve Bank? Minutes from the latest board meeting suggest it would be "prudent" to be on alert.

Interest rates rise while Stevens changes his tune

Glenn Dyer March 2, 2010 2 Comments

The Reserve Bank lifted interest rates rose 0.25% to 4% today, still below what economists called 'trend', or neutral, but we are heading towards that higher plain.

Mixed economic scorecard has rates rise an each-way bet

Glenn Dyer March 2, 2010 3 Comments

Speculation on interest rate movements is mostly hollow. But what the media has missed is that the central bank has arranged another full month of appearances by senior staff and the bank.

We were warned: interest rates will rise

We were warned: interest rates will rise

Glenn Dyer February 2, 2010 6 Comments

When interest rates are raised today, we can't say that we weren't warned. RBA chief Glenn Stevens told us last year we had a chance of avoiding it and we muffed it.

Rate rises a bloody good thing for Australia

Glenn Dyer January 28, 2010 4 Comments

The preoccupation in the Australian media and financial markets commentary on interest rates every time there's a release of economic data is approaching the illogical. Rate rises aren't a bad thing.

Consumers less confident than bullish business

Glenn Dyer December 9, 2009

Australian consumers are less confident than business, the latest Westpac/Melbourne Institute survey of consumer sentiment shows. But is the lack of confidence due to interest rate rises?

Gittins: Yes, the banks are being greedy

Crikey December 9, 2009

If you're complaining about the banks being dodgy and raising their interest rates higher than the official rate, you have every right to complain. Except, they were greedy because businesses need to make profits, writes Ross Gittins.

Interest rate horse puns: their cups runneth over

Andrew Crook November 4, 2009 11 Comments

The priceless coincidence of two major news events occurring within an hour of each other yesterday had the nation's top journalists jockeying relentlessly in their favourite pursuit: tenuously-linked punnage.