March, 2018

Inland rail’s dirty secret

, Mar 20, 2018

The inland rail project is based on a sizeable subsidy to coal exporters just to get someone to use what its backers even admit is a white elephant.

Inland rail will make its $8 billion back, government says

, May 25, 2017

Contradicting earlier reports, the government now says the proposed inland rail line will make back all of the whopping $8.4 billion that will be spent on a line through inland NSW.

Turnbull’s infrastructure plans built on shaky ground, but escape proper scrutiny

, May 24, 2017

There's no evidence we're getting infrastructure spending or decision-making right at the Commonwealth level.

Treasury gives budget warning on inland rail boondoggle

, May 10, 2017

The government has been told its inland rail project will never make its money back, but has gone ahead and treated it as an investment anyway. So Treasury put a caveat in the budget.

Tips and rumours

, May 09, 2017

Money for cops? ... inland rail boondoggle ... who's that guy? ...

Turnbull clearing the decks for a network to nowhere

, May 03, 2017

With higher education cuts hidden by school funding, the government is preparing the way to ensure the focus next Tuesday night is where it wants to be -- spending money.

Education Minister renews government attack on young Australians

, May 01, 2017

The 2017 budget is shaping up as another attack on young people in the form of education fee hikes and the squibbing of meaningful fixes for housing affordability.

Good debt, bad debt, ugly debt

, Apr 28, 2017

Scott Morrison should go all the way with "good debt" and "bad debt" and hand control of infrastructure spending to an independent body rather than politicians.
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Crikey Worm: Gas fallout, infrastructure push, Homeland Security coming

, Apr 28, 2017

Gas companies raise concerns about PM's price claims, Rail and airport funding planned with "good debt" and Department of State coming, write Josh Taylor and Max Chalmers.

Nats push the bush while Libs star in Being John Howard

, Apr 21, 2017

While immigration dominated the agenda this week, the Nationals were walking tall with some economically illiterate policies.