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The biggest banking rip-off is still to come

April 24, 2018 13

The biggest rip-off in financial services is the huge fees charged by retail superannuation funds, which flow to the big banks and AMP for delivering poorer performance.

How retail super funds siphon off your money to the big banks

July 14, 2017 10

The Liberals are up in arms over fees for industry super directors. But if they want to see real siphoning off of super funds, they should have a look at the retail super sector.

Mike Baird’s secret privatisation strategy

January 19, 2017 11

The politics of successful privatisation are tricky -- but NSW's Mike Baird managed a clever trick for quieting opposition.

Industry super rides to the rescue on Ausgrid

October 21, 2016 6

The industry super sector has saved the Liberals from embarrassment by picking up Ausgrid in NSW, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

Morrison mugged by reality on superannuation data

August 24, 2016 9

New data on the performance of our superannuation funds yet again demonstrates how blinkered the Liberal Party is about industry super.

Beware the real agenda on compulsory super

February 22, 2016 8

Ending compulsory super would hit one sector of the super industry hard -- and it happens to be the one the government most despises.

Government plays independence fiddle while industry burns

Government plays independence fiddle while industry burns

June 26, 2015 14

While the financial industry's reputation goes up in smoke, the government is busy pursuing an ideological agenda against industry super funds, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

Cormann lashes out but the FOFA pain may just be beginning

Cormann lashes out but the FOFA pain may just be beginning

July 9, 2014 13

While the government rails at the industry superannuation sector, Labor is contemplating a second-best option when it comes to the Commonwealth Bank financial planning scandal.

It’s OK, we’ve already got a royal commission into super…

It’s OK, we’ve already got a royal commission into super…

July 7, 2014 2

Actually, there is a royal commission underway into superannuation -- except it's part of the government's anti-union witch-hunt.

Unions: put your money where your mouths are on cars

Unions: put your money where your mouths are on cars

January 12, 2012 67

There's a great way for unions to directly support the automotive sector themselves. Wonder why they're not using it, ask Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane?

Super scheme flawed … low-income workers still hit

December 17, 2010 4

The super system will still be seriously flawed as the unfair tax avoidance options for high-income earners remain, and the proposed unnecessary rise to 12% will disadvantage low-income earners further.

Market failure and the kamikaze syndrome

May 4, 2010

Australia's financial planners and retail super funds currently resemble kamikaze pilots, desperately flying their planes into the superstructure of the SS Cooper Review, writes Jo-anne Schofield.

For-profit super funds a mug’s game

January 21, 2010 2

It’s the dirty not-so-hidden secret that the superannuation industry does its best to conceal -- for-profit super funds are a complete rip-off.

Canning advisor’s commissions would be super start to reform

August 20, 2009 1

It’s been a long fall for the retail superannuation industry and financial planners from their glory year of 2005. Now, the financial planning industry is under fire from multiple fronts and the Government is reviewing superannuation.

In defence of Andrew Scott’s payout and why the union funds should buy Centro

January 16, 2008 1

Just as with Ray Williams, there has been some very strong commentary about the $3 million payout to departing Centro CEO Andrew Scott, writes Stephen Mayne.