February, 2016

How much bang do we get for our defence policy buck?

, Feb 26, 2016

Defence spending is an expensive form of industry policy. And we're massively increasing it with borrowed money.
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Abbott labouring in his own valley of death

, Aug 07, 2015

Finally free of the Bronwyn Bishop saga, the Abbott government still appeared listless and without purpose this week.
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Abbott’s industry policy won’t achieve much — and that’s not a bad thing

, Oct 15, 2014

The government's new industry policy is small-scale and will achieve little - and that's not a bad a thing, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.
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Business Council goes back to the ’80s for its latest warning of woe

, Jul 29, 2014

The BCA's latest economic vision -- its second in a year -- is a return to the sort of thinking discredited in the 1980s, write Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer.
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Toyota exit without an industry policy is economic vandalism

, Feb 11, 2014

Toyota's decision to leave Australia in 2017 sounds the death knell for Australian manufacturing. Who is to blame?
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Manufactured differences fail to get a look in

, Aug 23, 2013

A genuine policy difference has broken out between the major parties on industry policy -- but the Coalition is probably happy no one noticed.
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Plains, boats and automobiles: differing conceptions of the political middle

, Aug 20, 2013

The election is revealing what both sides believe is the true nature of middle Australia. Look closer at policies like asylum seekers and parental leave to see what's really going on.
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Mostly harmless industry policy fits Labor’s broader narrative

, Feb 18, 2013

The government's manufacturing policy is better than it might have been. Our man in Canberra reckons it reflects a coherent mix of economic policy and political strategy.

How we’ve forgotten the economic lessons of the 1990s

, Aug 16, 2012

Demands for government intervention to protect manufacturing and to boost productivity share a common problem of laziness. Past economic lessons have been forgotten.

How defence spending ‘contributes to American

, Aug 13, 2012

Australia defence spending contributes generously to American defence corporations.