July, 2018

Razer: I turned 50 under capitalism. It was pretty shit except for the food.

, Jul 10, 2018

Aging gracefully in this country is an expensive pursuit, available only to the wealthiest of us.

Rundle: the Voice to Parliament sounds like a very bad deal

, Jun 14, 2018

The Voice to Parliament, part three of the Uluru deal, seems like it can only end with the Senate and House throwing Indigenous people under the bus.

The ‘new’ scheme to prevent Indigenous deaths in custody

, May 24, 2018

Partially funded by the Commonwealth, the custody notification system (CNS) is closely modelled on a system in place in New South Wales since 2000.

The bonkers plan to turn remote Indigenous Australia into a free-market capitalist economy

, Feb 19, 2018

With one more ad hoc solution piled on another, it's desperate times for the Mundine-Pearson model of remote-area development.

How Closing The Gap fell apart

, Feb 09, 2018

As the tenth anniversary of Closing The Gap nears, a report has detailed how some very Canberran failings wrecked it.

Crikey Worm: only a quarter of these NBN users will get top speeds

, Jan 17, 2018

Good morning, early birds. Some 75% of NBN customers using fibre-to-the-node technology will not be able to access the internet at top speeds. Plus, a former Aboriginal affairs minister has criticised the government for its handling of last year's Uluru Statement. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Don Dale: damning recommendations must be acted on

, Nov 21, 2017

The commissioner has handed down a damning report detailing the failures of state institutions in the protection of children in the Northern Territory.

Change the date of Australia Day for patriotism’s sake!

, Aug 24, 2017

Once again the hot topic of changing the date of Australia Day has bubbled to the surface. While Turnbull says the date is intrinsically tied to Australia culture Henry Reynolds argues that most Australians don't even know what the date specifically commemorates, and if they did, might not be so keen on keeping it.

Rundle: Twiggy’s Tarzan antics and the problem of the white saviour

, Aug 14, 2017

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest's fixation with the cashless welfare card is more about him playing modern Tarzan than what is good for indigenous communities.

Indigenous clan takes land council to court over $29m in claimed losses from Muckaty Station debacle

, Jul 26, 2017

Old wounds will be re-opened in the Federal Court after disgruntled Aboriginal Australians filed an action against the Northern Land Council for allegedly losing them large sums of money after canning the Muckaty Station nuclear waste dump proposal.