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India and China sabre-ratting over Bhutan

Professor Damien Kingsbury August 2, 2017 4 Comments

China and India both want to assert their dominance in Bhutan. And the dispute could end in bloodshed.

Sensible but firm: Turnbull finally takes stand against Chinese aggression

Michael Sainsbury June 5, 2017 8 Comments

In fact, he actually took the fight to China, in terms of regional security, while rightly noting that Australia does not have to “choose” between China and the United States.

Anti-dumping commission is also anti-deadline and bad for business

Crikey May 22, 2017 6 Comments

If you're a foreign company targeted under Australia's protectionist anti-dumping laws, be prepared to settle in and wait. The bureaucracy responsible for protectionism likes to take it time, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer report.

Why Turnbull is suddenly a social media star

Crikey April 11, 2017

Nothing like a selfie with the Indian PM to boost likes.

International students need greater protection from being underpaid

Bernard Keane April 11, 2017 6 Comments

International students appear regularly in stories about underpayment of workers. They're vulnerable and often unaware of their rights, and we don't even know how much they're being exploited.

Dalai Lama’s visit to Indian border area provokes an already tense China

Professor Damien Kingsbury April 5, 2017

This latest move pushes the Tibetan issue more firmly out of the spiritual and into the political sphere.

How did more than three-quarters of the cash in India become worthless overnight?

Crikey November 14, 2016 3 Comments

Last week Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made huge amounts of cash across the country worthless in one move. Why would he do such a thing, and what does it mean for India? Crikey intern Tamsin Rose explains.

Taking out the trash: the news they tried to hide from you

Crikey November 10, 2016 1 Comment

"Taking out the trash" is an attempt to bury a story on a big news day. Crikey's Josh Taylor, Sally Whyte and Myriam Robin have dug up the stories you weren't supposed to notice.

India ramps up earthquake relief, with fear a constant companion

India ramps up earthquake relief, with fear a constant companion

Crikey April 28, 2015

India has lost almost 100 people in the weekend's earthquake, with the government focusing relief efforts on helping devastated Nepal and its own poorest states. Alys Francis, freelance journalist in India, reports.

India rises, as China comes to rain on Japan’s parade

India rises, as China comes to rain on Japan’s parade

Michael Sainsbury February 12, 2015 1 Comment

The global pivot to Asia just became a little more complex. As everyone jostles for a bigger slice of the power pie, the Abbott government is left with some tough decisions to make on Australia's future relationship with China.