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Razer’s Class Warfare: we hide their dead — and ours — in a war we have no stomach for

Razer’s Class Warfare: we hide their dead — and ours — in a war we have no stomach for

August 21, 2014 4

Islamic State militants have released a video of the murder of American journalist James Foley, while American drones slaughter children in secret. Who is the barbarian here?

Environmental journalists: the new endangered species

Environmental journalists: the new endangered species

December 16, 2009

Environmental journalists are increasingly facing threats and violence, as governments and industry attempt to cover up their poor environmental practises.

Why journalists are being slaughtered in the Philippines

November 30, 2009

The Philippines may technically be a democratic country, but its deeply entrenched government corruption has made it one of the most deadly places on Earth for journalists, with reporters who attempt to uncover the truth being routinely killed off.

Senator Brown versus the Somali Pirates

November 27, 2009 11

Greens Senator Bob Brown has continued his personal philanthropic crusade after it was revealed he had made secret donation to free Australian photojournalist Nigel Brennan from captivity in Somalia.

CNN journalist: Detained in China over Obama tshirt

November 18, 2009

CNN correspondent Emily Chang tells of being detained for two hours by Chinese police after she bought a souvenir tshirt featuring Barack Obama in a Red Army uniform.

<em>NYT</em> reporter tells: Seven months as a Taliban prisoner

NYT reporter tells: Seven months as a Taliban prisoner

October 19, 2009

NYT reporter David Rohde spent seven months as a prisoner of the Taliban in Afghanistan before making a daring escape in June. In a six-part series, he tells the entire story.

Journalists flee Iran — and they’re the lucky ones

October 14, 2009

Iranian journalists who reported on the country's post-election riots are now fleeing the country en masse after being "intimidated and terrorized" by the government -- and they're the lucky ones: some are still being held prisoner.

Bloody battle in Afghanistan to free NYT journo

September 10, 2009

A New York Times reporter being held captive by militants in Afghanistan has been freed in a daring raid by British commandos. But his freedom comes at a heavy cost: the life of his Afghan interpreter and two others, who were killed in the crossfire.

Four days as a Taliban prisoner: freed journo’s tale

September 10, 2009

Stephen Farrell, the NYT journalist recently freed from imprisonment by the Taliban, in a raid by British forces that left one of his colleagues and several others dead, gives his personal account of the ordeal.

Why is the NYT such a dangerous place to work?

September 10, 2009

Recently rescued New York Times reporter James Farrell is the at least the fifth journo from the paper to be kidnapped or arrested in as many years. Is the Times doing enough to protect its intrepid investigators?

The tragic price of a free press

The tragic price of a free press

September 10, 2009

The death of captured Afghani reporter Sultan Munadi in a military raid that rescued his British colleague, highlights the high price overseas journalists often pay to give Western readers access to detailed and accurate news stories.

Sudanese journalist jailed for wearing pants, but is spared the rod

September 8, 2009

Sudanese female journalist Lubna Hussein has avoided the country's maximum penalty of 40 lashes for wearing pants in public, but has been sent to prison after refusing to pay a fine of about AU$230 for her "crime".

Ass-erbaijan: donkey bloggers face prison

September 3, 2009

Two bloggers from Azerbaijan have been arrested for posting a YouTube video of a donkey giving a news conference -- a spoof of the government's press conferences.

The backlash against jailed journos begins

The backlash against jailed journos begins

August 25, 2009

If being held prisoner in North Korea wasn't hard enough for journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the pair are now facing harsh criticism from detractors who say they put refugee-saving program they were reporting on at risk. Yeah, perhaps they had slightly bigger concerns at the time, snark Gawker.

Freed journos tell of N. Korean nightmare

August 7, 2009

Details of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee's 140-day "nightmare" behind bars in North Korea are beginning to emerge, with Ling revealing the pair were gripped with fear at the prospect of being sent to the country's infamous hard-labour camp.

How Bill Clinton got the gig

August 6, 2009

Politico reveal the fascinating backstory of Bill Clinton's crusade into North Korea: Pyongyang specifically asked for the former president to come.

Newsweek fight on for journo’s freedom in Iran

August 5, 2009

Newsweek continues to pile the pressure on Iran to free journalist Maziar Bahari, who has been detained there since the post-election riots in June, using petitions, editorial and even taking out full-page ads in The NYTimes and WSJ calling for his release.

Bill Clinton to save journos jailed in N. Korea?

Bill Clinton to save journos jailed in N. Korea?

August 4, 2009

South Korean newspaper Yonhap News is reporting that former US President Bill Clinton is swooping into North Korea to negotiate the release of jailed American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, but Washington are playing dumb. Poor intelligence or poor privacy?

Newsweek defend imprisoned journalist

July 14, 2009

Newsweek's Iranian correspondent Maziar Bahari has been imprisoned in Iran since 21 June, without formal charges or access to a lawyer. The news-magazine call on the Iranian government for justice.