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Croc wars: the case for culling

Croc wars: the case for culling

Isabelle AmyMar 20, 20176 Comments

It is no surprise that the debate around whether or not we should “manage” croc populations re-ignites when attacks like this take place, writes Crikey intern Isabelle Amy.

How I got my gun licence and joined the duck hunters -- in protest

How I got my gun licence and joined the duck hunters -- in protest

Debbie LustigApr 2, 201310 Comments

Writer and environmental activist Debbie Lustig wasn't allowed to join the Victorian duck hunt without a gun licence and licence to hunt waterfowl. So she got both, and headed off with the hunters -- in protest.

Aaron Sorkin: Sarah Palin and her army of arrogant assholes

CrikeyDec 9, 2010

Phony pioneer girl Sarah Palin preaching about hunting is arrogant rubbish. Killing an animal for fun and bragging about it for political gain is not the same as buying meat from the butcher, writes an angry Aaron Sorkin.

A pheasant day of hunting

CrikeyFeb 26, 2010

Rafiq Copeland heads off for a day of pheasant hunting in the English countryside, even though he's thirty years younger than everyone else and doesn't wear tweed.

Magic mushrooms: the secret hunt of food junkies

CrikeyOct 9, 2009

Take a journey into the secret world of the mushroom lovers sub-culture, where they're not gatherers, but hunters, and get a whole new appreciation for the humble funghi.