January, 2015

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Tears on a plane: why our emotions soar while we fly

, Jan 27, 2015

Floating far above the ground in a padded chair, in a dry, sealed aeroplane cabin that hums gently, facing away from other passengers, with no phone or email interrupting our thoughts, we travel inward as well as onward.
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Facebook manipulation yet more evidence of Silicon Valley’s contempt

, Jun 30, 2014

The well-educated white men of Silicon Valley have no regard for you as a person. You are a set of data, and they can do what they please with it. Cue Facebook messing with your mind.

The Crikey Ethicist: Colin the baby whale and we the people

, Aug 26, 2008

It’s sentimental to cry for a baby whale. That’s not because it’s sentimental to cry, but because the passion is not finding its real object. Colin was a symbol, writes Crikey ethicist John Armstrong.

Telly watch: Dexter shows murder and empathy could be a perfect match

, Dec 20, 2007

Dexter is a serial killer. Police blood spatter expert by day, by night he indulges his compulsions by tracking down and murdering the baddies who slipped through the crime-fighting net, writes Peter Mattessi.