July, 2016

The property market is completely bonkers and so are you to buy into it

, Jul 29, 2016

Housing prices aren't just wildly overinflated, they are off-the-charts bananas.
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Is the housing bubble about to burst? And should we freak out about it?

, Oct 20, 2015

Yes, Sydney housing prices are skyrocketing. But does that mean it's all about to come crashing down?
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Business bites: banks win … housing in the bin … Greece pulls the pin …

, Jul 13, 2015

Banks have won some ground on capital requirements. And other business tidbits of the day.
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Is Australia in a housing bubble?

, Jun 12, 2015

Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott are pretty pleased that property prices are so high right now. But are we in for a crash? Freelance journalist Andrei Ghoukassian runs the numbers.
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Business bites: Menulog’s good deal … housing bubble revealed … Netflix appeal …

, Jun 11, 2015

Excessive loans, and not supply issues, have caused the housing bubble, Joe. And other business tidbits of the day.
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What John Fraser doesn’t know about property TV programs

, Jun 02, 2015

The head of Treasury thinks property TV programs are fueling the housing boom. But the major property programs on TV at the moment are about property renovations, not purchases, and you only renovate when you can't buy.

What really happened with Operation Neath

, Sep 30, 2014

Crikey readers have their say about NIMBYism, development and The Australian's account of how it handled Operation Neath.
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How the property bubble is making us poorer (you wouldn’t read about it)

, Apr 22, 2014

Even if you own your home, higher property values just means higher rates and taxes, which means less money in your pocket. The only ones who benefit from the bubble are those in the property industry -- and of course, the property press.
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Labor cover-up to hide successful economic management

, Aug 05, 2013

The Labor government handled the economy with aplomb, avoiding the trap of the GFC. But economist and University of Queensland academic John Quiggin says the party did a good job of hiding it.
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Signs, at last, of a US housing recovery

, Aug 29, 2012

At long last US house prices are starting to rise. Here in Australia, house price deflation continues but that's been healthy for the economy, writes Stephen Koukoulas of Business Spectator.