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Gay Nationals candidate pilloried for his sexuality at preselection meeting

September 22, 2017 7

The creaking Nationals are in damage control after a homophobic slur dominates preselections.

Religious zealots (like Abbott) who oppose same-sex marriage are trying to impose sharia law

August 15, 2017 4

Australians seem to be perpetually scared of the potential imposition of sharia law, of losing the freedom to live as they desire. But is not our denial of same-sex marriage exactly that?

‘Think of the kids’ homophobes silent on church child abuse

August 11, 2017 9

While peddling the smear that same-sex parenting harms kids, anti-marriage equality advocates stay silent on child abuse by churches.

Latham dumped by Sky News after calling a high schooler ‘gay’

March 30, 2017 7

The former Labor leader, and former Financial Review columnist, and former Spectator writer, is now a former Sky News broadcaster.

Scientific proof God ignores Fred Nile’s prayers

March 3, 2017 30

Maybe God just likes to party?

The right’s ‘free speech’ obsession has created a monster

February 13, 2017 15

The freedom to say the most monstrous things possible is fueling the rise of fascism.

Disharmony day: One Nation candidate woes continue

January 12, 2017

One Nation candidate Tracey Bell-Henselin posted several homophobic comments on her own Facebook page.

Midsumma considers dumping News Corp sponsorship deal

November 29, 2016 4

The Midsumma LGBTIQ festival is reconsidering a sponsorship deal with conservative news organisation News Corp because of numerous attacks on the queer community in News Corp publications.

Meet the US group inspiring the ACL’s new anti-gay legal strategy

October 7, 2016 6

One of this group's passions is challenging the legality of abortion exclusion zones.

Liberal-linked Marriage Alliance gets help from anti-gay US lobby group

Liberal-linked Marriage Alliance gets help from anti-gay US lobby group

September 12, 2016 1

An Australian anti-same-sex marriage group is getting help on its campaign from a company with close ties to the US National Organisation for Marriage.