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Tag archives: homophobia

Gay Nationals candidate pilloried for his sexuality at preselection meeting

Michael Sainsbury September 22, 2017 7 Comments

The creaking Nationals are in damage control after a homophobic slur dominates preselections.

Religious zealots (like Abbott) who oppose same-sex marriage are trying to impose sharia law

Irfan Yusuf August 15, 2017 4 Comments

Australians seem to be perpetually scared of the potential imposition of sharia law, of losing the freedom to live as they desire. But is not our denial of same-sex marriage exactly that?

‘Think of the kids’ homophobes silent on church child abuse

Bernard Keane August 11, 2017 9 Comments

While peddling the smear that same-sex parenting harms kids, anti-marriage equality advocates stay silent on child abuse by churches.

Latham dumped by Sky News after calling a high schooler ‘gay’

Emily Watkins March 30, 2017 7 Comments

The former Labor leader, and former Financial Review columnist, and former Spectator writer, is now a former Sky News broadcaster.

Scientific proof God ignores Fred Nile’s prayers

Josh Taylor March 3, 2017 30 Comments

Maybe God just likes to party?

The right’s ‘free speech’ obsession has created a monster

David Salter February 13, 2017 15 Comments

The freedom to say the most monstrous things possible is fueling the rise of fascism.

Disharmony day: One Nation candidate woes continue

Crikey January 12, 2017

One Nation candidate Tracey Bell-Henselin posted several homophobic comments on her own Facebook page.

Midsumma considers dumping News Corp sponsorship deal

Myriam Robin November 29, 2016 4 Comments

The Midsumma LGBTIQ festival is reconsidering a sponsorship deal with conservative news organisation News Corp because of numerous attacks on the queer community in News Corp publications.

Meet the US group inspiring the ACL’s new anti-gay legal strategy

Sally Whyte October 7, 2016 6 Comments

One of this group's passions is challenging the legality of abortion exclusion zones.

Liberal-linked Marriage Alliance gets help from anti-gay US lobby group

Liberal-linked Marriage Alliance gets help from anti-gay US lobby group

Josh Taylor September 12, 2016 1 Comment

An Australian anti-same-sex marriage group is getting help on its campaign from a company with close ties to the US National Organisation for Marriage.