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Tag archives: Holocaust denial

Rundle: the deeply sinister reason Israel is suddenly absolving Germany of the Holocaust

Rundle: the deeply sinister reason Israel is suddenly absolving Germany of the Holocaust

Guy Rundle October 23, 2015 20 Comments

Why has Benjamin Netanyahu suddenly suggesting the Holocaust might have been the fault of the Palestinians?

Holocaust defo case makes strange bedfellows of Greens, <em>The Oz</em>

Holocaust defo case makes strange bedfellows of Greens, The Oz

Matthew Knott July 18, 2013

Controversial historian Fredrick Toben is suing Greens leader Christine Milne and The Australian newspaper -- bringing the warring parties together in an unlikely legal battle.

Hamilton: Denying the coming climate holocaust

Clive Hamilton November 16, 2009 117 Comments

Which is morally worse: Holocaust denial or climate change scepticism? It sounds like a no-brainer, but the real-life consequences of climate sceptics succeeding may far outweigh those of Holocaust denialists.

Palestine, Israel and the need for freedom of speech

Antony Loewenstein May 18, 2009 14 Comments

Holocaust denial warrants condemnation, but too often any criticism against Jews or Zionism is automatically slammed.

On freedom of speech and Gerald Fredrick Toben

Crikey October 15, 2008 7 Comments

We should be speaking up for him now, rather than waiting for a more appealing victim of this attack on free speech.

Howard and Costello catch the fire. Why is this not a scandal?

Crikey October 31, 2007 1 Comment

The Age today describes John Howard and Peter Costello as “under pressure to distance themselves from an evangelical church leader who has spoken at a meeting of the far right-wing League of Rights.” That would be Mr Danny Nalliah. Jeff Sparrow reports.

I didn’t know David Irving read Crikey

Crikey October 5, 2007

Having been with Crikey since day one, it’s distressing to discover the freaks, fanatics and fringe dwellers that are reading us nowadays – the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fan club, laments Christian Kerr.

War talk on Iran shows failure to learn from Iraq

Crikey September 19, 2007

The long-running controversy over Iran's nuclear program flared up again this week. Superficially, it looks as if there's no reason for conflict on the issue so a resort to war should never appear on the agenda, writes Charles Richardson.

The Swindle: Just where did the ABC get its rent-a-crowd?

Crikey July 13, 2007

Those viewing the post-Swindle discussion with Tony Jones would have noticed that things got a little bit fruity when it came time to throw to the audience, writes Cam Smith. Here's why.