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Hinch’s Senate Diary: the Steven Bradbury of Parliament

November 23, 2017 9

The section 44 brouhaha has dragged on so long, and unless we get tougher there's no end in sight, writes senator Derryn Hinch

Hinch’s Senate Diary: the unseemly message Tony Abbott left on my voicemail

October 19, 2017 11

It's not every day a former PM gives you such gratuitous advice.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: it is a tragedy that Nick Xenophon is leaving the Senate

October 12, 2017 7

Less than less than 18 months after getting re-elected, Xenophon announces he’s going home. He’s quitting the Senate to go play in the South Australian state election next year as a small pond powerbroker/kingmaker/self-promoter.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: cardigans are not prime ministerial

June 15, 2017 6

Derryn Hinch wonders about Bill Shorten's dress sense and Malcolm Turnbull's ability to make hay while the clean-energy sun shines.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: insider trading on budget day?

Hinch’s Senate Diary: insider trading on budget day?

May 11, 2017 2

How the protocol for the budget lock-up on Tuesday night almost caused a parliamentary crisis.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: when senators lose their way

February 16, 2017 7

And meet the man to blame for my Senate career, writes Senator Derryn Hinch.

Hinch’s Senate Diary: separation of church and state, and pigs on a plane

September 29, 2016 8

Senator Derryn Hinch wonders: if we have a separation of church and state, why does each day in Parliament start with the Protestant Lord's Prayer?

Hinch’s Senate Diary: the things you learn in ComCars (and Ubers)

September 22, 2016 5

Justice Party Senator Derryn Hinch gets one over on George Brandis -- and yes, addresses those Herald Sun rumours.