January, 2018

How accused men are responding to sexual harassment allegations

, Jan 09, 2018

Barely a week seems to go by lately without another powerful man accused of sexual harassment and indecent assault. We take a look at the different ways they respond.
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ABC’s new political editor … Dasher’s collateral damage … Breitbart’s war on Twitter …

, Dec 14, 2017

The ABC has appointed Andrew Probyn its new political editor, replacing Chris Uhlmann.

Crikey Worm: parliament says ‘yes’ to marriage equality

, Dec 08, 2017

Good morning, early birds. A watershed moment in Australian history as the Australian Parliament finally passes marriage equality legislation. Plus, Channel Seven has begun legal action against former employee Amber Harrison. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Razer: equality for women! (But only for those who work in the media, please.)

, Nov 30, 2017

The “story” of media sexism has been gorging on its own self-interest for so long, what we have is a culture industry so utterly fixated on its own declining labour conditions, it rarely bothers to report on anybody else’s.
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Harvey Weinstein’s army of spies … Disney recants LA Times ban … Fish food fake news

, Nov 08, 2017

In new revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, The New Yorker has reported on spies he used to contain allegations, including journalists.

Due process around sexual harassment claims needs a complete overhaul

, Nov 02, 2017

The court of public opinion, entertaining as it is, will not deliver justice.

Rundle: class, gender and the truth about Weinstein’s protection racket

, Oct 25, 2017

In the Weinstein scandal, the division of power and class is the real one.

Razer: #metoo stories will not always heal, but they do feed the media beast

, Oct 19, 2017

It seems we do not believe so much in political action as we do in the political power of painful stories. This is misguided.
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What’s a guy gotta do to get suspended from Twitter around here?

, Oct 13, 2017

Rose McGowan got her account suspended in the aftermath of her Harvey Weinstein related tweet-storm. But just how easy or hard is it to get yourself kicked off Twitter?

Rundle: Weinstein’s ruin epitomises how we do politics now

, Oct 13, 2017

Paradoxically, the one industry that won't be reformed is Hollywood.