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Fantasies of multiculturalism, ordinariness and Ozstalgie

April 6, 2011 8

The one thing the Australian public will never be presented with is the real choice -- do you want genuine community control over immigration policy, levels and source (a process that would generate an answer liked by neither left nor right)?

Politics and plaster ducks, aka kitsch as kitsch can

April 5, 2011 16

There's always something mysterious about kitsch; every time you think you've defined it, it slips away.

Rundle: Pollyanna rhetoric hiding the truth on helping Libyans

March 11, 2011 14

The question of outside support for Libya through the means of a no-fly zone and other measures, has become urgent -- if it is not already too late.

The failure of Obama to take people with him

November 3, 2010 26

Whatever difficulties the Democrats have had to bear through ill-luck, controversial policies or the like, one whole dimension of this loss is due to the political failure of Obama and his team to take people with him, writes Guy Rundle.

Rundle’s mid-terms: the rally for sanity, by design, a long way from revolution

November 1, 2010 6

It was exciting, it was wild, it was a mad carnival -- and, it has to be said, something of a fizzer. The Rally to Restore Sanity may have done just that -- which is hardly a revolution, reports Guy Rundle from Washington DC.

Rundle’s mid-terms: a Rhode well travelled … oh, and we killed Bambi

October 29, 2010 14

I'd come to Rhode Island to see what a New England campaign was like. Now I knew. It was like Old England, or Europe at least. , writes Guy Rundle, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Same-s-x adoption: exposing the myths in Rundle’s stance

September 20, 2010 8

Guy Rundle has made a case against adoption by male same-s-x couples that is a hodgepodge of gut-driven opinion, writes Dr Tad Tietze, a public hospital psychiatrist.

Our uniquely frustrating election experience

August 10, 2010 10

There's one thing nearly everyone can agree on when it comes to this election campaign. It's hollow. Devoid of meaning. Cancerous. What no one can reach agreement on is who's to blame.

The bloke fest at Melbourne Talk Radio

The bloke fest at Melbourne Talk Radio

April 9, 2010 10

This week's Wankley goes to the all-male all-white launch of Melbourne Talk Radio at Gordon Ramsay's Crown Casino noshery. All male, that is, save for the Women's Weekly Deborah Thomas.

Craven on reviewing and Rundle — ‘the blustering sook’

March 24, 2010 23

He’s such a weird and lopsided character, Guy Rundle. It’s a mystery how this man who can be so intelligent can also carry on in such a mad dog undergraduatish way, says theatre critic Peter Craven.