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National Security Legislation: worst discussion paper ever.

Bernard Keane August 17, 2009 4 Comments

The National Security Legislation Discussion Paper was released last week. And it may be one of the worst discussion papers ever, with no structure, barebones commentary and lots of blank pages.

Journey to the Stars with Guy Rundle

Journey to the Stars with Guy Rundle

First Dog On The Moon July 23, 2009 6 Comments

With your presenter, Guy Rundle!

Guy Rundle, space travel and Jefferson Starship

Crikey July 23, 2009 2 Comments

Crikey readers shoot for the stars with Guy Rundle, stick up for Cafe Lattes, sink the boot into Stilgherrian and more.

Tim Palmer channels Tammy Wynette

Crikey July 3, 2009 8 Comments

Henderson hits back at Rundle's Murdoch/Stalin comparison, Leigh Sales' climate change coverage, Bob Ellis' return to ABC Unleashed and more.

Readers lay in to First Dog for laying into Christianity

Crikey July 1, 2009 3 Comments

Utegate, First Dog on the Moon and religion, asylum seekers, Medicare, Rundle and the climate change cage match.

Arise Beatrix Campbell, OBE

Crikey June 19, 2009 2 Comments

John Westacott in “No Apology” zone; (Alleged) Felineicide in Double Bay; Nancy's "Send ‘The Boys’ to Mecca" campaign continues, and more in this week’s edition of Gerard Henderson’s Media Watch Dog.

Carlill vs Rundle: Ahmadinejad, Palestine and Israel

Crikey April 22, 2009

What’s really preventing the establishment of a viable Palestinian state is a mixture of rejectionism, corruption and incompetence, writes Bren Carlill.

Guy Rundle misinformed on Israel

Crikey April 2, 2009

Guy Rundle demonstrates what seems to be his own "long slide to paranoia" and conspiracy theory in "Israel's de facto apartheid", writes Dr Colin Rubenstein.

We cannot dismiss the threat that Hamas poses

Crikey January 14, 2009 28 Comments

The Israeli public’s support for the military operation is a bellwether of the seriousness with which Israelis take the thousands of rockets and mortars that have been fired by Hamas for years, writes Allon Lee.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

Guy Rundle March 19, 2008 1 Comment

Rudd and China ... Guy Rundle in the US ... market predators ... chequebook journalism ... organ donation ...