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Rundle: capitalism … finally the pundits are taking notice

September 1, 2011 19

By now, the failure of the global economic recovery following the 2008 crash has become so obvious that even economists have started to notice it.

Manufacturing … there’s nothing left to cut

August 31, 2011 27

As much as people didn't want to lose jobs, most could see that the manufacturing jig was up.

Rundle: why the Right has become frantic about the Greens

August 16, 2011 56

Though many rural people still find it culturally and psychologically impossible to get close to the Greens as a party, they are increasingly happy to have them float the measures they would like to see occur

Rundle: why is Obama smiling? Perhaps it’s the polls

August 9, 2011 12

Could it get any worse for Barak Obama? Why, yes, there's a double-dip recession on the way -- indeed, it began months ago, and is only now starting to show up in the stats. Yet Obama always trots out, relaxed and grinning.

Rundle: pen-pinching Klaus a prized Righter, not a freedom fighter

July 29, 2011 86

Poetic really, that the Czechs should present us with two examples of humanity, under the name Vaclav.

Rage is an effective emotion for allaying the sensation of terror

Rage is an effective emotion for allaying the sensation of terror

July 28, 2011

Shakira Hussein braced herself for the backlash of hearing a Muslim name in regards to the Norway massacre gunman. But that doesn't mean she breathed easy or gloated -- as others have suggested -- when learning he was a right-wing Christian.

Rundle: Breivik the armed wing of hysterical Right commentary

July 26, 2011 22

With the death toll in the Norwegian terrorist massacre at 76, and its nature as a coolly planned political act becoming clear beyond all question, the Right continues to avoid anything resembling moral reflection.

Into the abyss of the Norway massacre

July 25, 2011 54

The Oslo massacre was turning out to be an abyss, the sadistic mass murder of the young -- but there its resemblance to a high school massacre ended.

Kooks n crackpots … give ’em publicity, own the consequences

July 21, 2011 58

The Right continues to whine and dine at an impressive rate.

From scrolls to codices to iPads — welcome @thePope

July 4, 2011

While the Christians lead the way with the codex, they are catching up, a bit late, with the next piece of revolutionary technology -- the digital pad.