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Rundle: Turnbull’s surveillance offensive, Lateline’s demise, all point to a failing public sphere

October 6, 2017 38

The public sphere, in this country and others, has been undermined by an unwillingness to defend it, even as the ground shifts beneath it.

Rundle: mad, bad Boris Johnson could somehow still end up steering Britain

October 5, 2017 33

Milquetoast Theresa May looks closer to political death everyday, leaving the helm of the Good Ship Tory (and Britain) up for grabs.

Rundle: shameful showbags for the worst plebiscite opinion tripe (this week)

September 28, 2017 27

The media hall of shame is now giving out same-sex marriage plebiscite showbags: On the Monthly blog, Sean Kelly says that non LGBT people should stop making comments on the Yes case’s piss-poor strateg-, sorry, on the Yes case’s strategy. If the Yes vote loses, it won’t be anything to do with strategy, it will […]

Rundle: Trump’s crusade against NFL part of a global unraveling

September 27, 2017 32

Evidence that the nation-state is crumbling as an organisational precept for our world abounds: in the Catalonian referendum, the Kurdish election and Trump's war with the AFL.

‘Rage, rage and the dying of the right’, a poem by Guy Rundle

September 25, 2017 12

Crikey endorses neither political violence nor tercets.

Rundle: Fed Square’s censorship of Adani protesters is bad news for Vic Labor

September 21, 2017 8

The management of Federation Square's decision to censor a political rally held by the "Stop Adani" movement will hurt Labor in Victoria.

Rundle: schoolyard reactionaries cheapen free speech

September 20, 2017 10

More tired attacks on universities and cheap tit-for-tat undermine the integrity of free speech in Australia.

Rundle: the No campaign reveals its secret weapon

September 19, 2017 66

Honest John has re-emerged to help bolster the case against marriage equality. But will it work?

Rundle: Lionel Murphy fought for equality, and was pursued obsessively by those who hated him

September 15, 2017 11

Murphy was no radical socialist, but he was a fighter, for equality, for progressive political change, and for elected government against shadow operatives.

Rundle: venceremos, comrade! Turnbull goes to war against capitalism.

September 13, 2017 26

In attempting to keep Liddell going, Turnbull’s government has gone to war against every single principle of capitalism and the free-market.

Rundle: Ben Law’s ‘hate-fuck’ tweet was definitely a bit rapey (but I still liked it)

September 12, 2017 20

Does the fact that it’s a same-sex hate fuck remove the force of non-consensual sexual violence? Kind of but not really.

Rundle: with Glen Campbell’s death, we mourn mourning

September 8, 2017 41

There is a sense, palpable and here now, that mass culture will die out with the baby boomers, with gen X.

How the right destroyed an ABC gem to push their Stalinist agenda

August 29, 2017 51

The question remains as to why the ABC ever thought Tom Switzer would be appropriate to present such a show in the first place.

Rundle: Australian iconoclasm and the decaying edifices of the right

August 28, 2017 12

Following the US movement toppling statues commemorating controversial historical figures, Guy Rundle, argues that our own Australian iconoclasm exposes the right's lack of imagination outside of their ossified Anglo-Celtic past.

Rundle: why change on Australia Day needs to come at a national level

August 22, 2017 34

While the Yarra and Darebin councils' decision to stop honouring Australia Day has the best intentions at heart, encouraging councils to act unilaterally could ultimately backfire on the campaign for an indigenous treaty.

Rundle: own goals for both sides on marriage equality debate

August 21, 2017 5

Intentions and outcomes are often divergent, as can be seen in these mix ups along the same-sex marriage campaign trail.

Rundle: Bannon’s exit leaves power and ideas vacuum in Trump’s White House

August 21, 2017 23

Steve Bannon's departure marks the end of considered policy making in the White House, however nefarious. The directionless remains could be a threat not for what they can get done but for the political void they create.

Rundle: Twiggy stands up against mining — wait, what!?

August 18, 2017 4

Andrew "Twiggy" Forrest has successfully fought off a mining lease from a rival miner on his land. However, in doing so he may have set a precedent that can work against him.

Rundle: more bollocks broadcast about WikiLeaks

August 18, 2017 20

Another day, another WikiLeaks beat up. Guy Rundle dissects the latest headline which cried conspiracy.

Rundle: Yes campaign served best when cogent

Rundle: Yes campaign served best when cogent

August 14, 2017 29

The road towards marriage equality requires those campaigning for Yes to remain cogent, balanced and on point.