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Rundle: Fed Square Apple store will destroy that public space and our sense of community with it

January 18, 2018 19

For Victorian Labor, the spruiking for Apple is naked desperation in the absence of any real solutions to a thinning and precarious economic base.

Rundle: how capitalism failed India

January 17, 2018 14

In India, on the pavements, you will be stepping over the great grandchildren of the people your great grandparents stepped over. This is, quite simply, the failure of capitalism.

Rundle: those Libs in a tizzy about China giving aid are gobsmackingly hypocritical

January 16, 2018 45

So the government is worried about China giving out "useless" aid to developing nations. Well, at least China doesn’t bomb countries to rubble before handing out the money.

Rundle: how to lose friends and alienate people, Spectator style

January 10, 2018 9

Toby Young, like most of the right, deals with self-hatred by turning it on others.

Rundle: facing ‘African gangs’ on the front line of the culture wars

January 9, 2018 18

"An army of angry warriors were moving slowly down the hill of featureless cul-de-sacs, Thirsty Camels, servos, and Relief of Mafeking Asian massage parlours." Guy Rundle imagines two hapless soldiers on the front line of the latest News Corp culture war.

Rundle: a nativity scene

December 22, 2017 6

Guy Rundle remembers a very Australian Christmas.

The gospel according to Donald Trump

December 21, 2017 7

Guy Rundle imagines how the Bible might've appeared had it been partly written by Donald Trump.

Rundle: sat among ewoks, imbibing the Clintonian delirium of Star Wars

December 14, 2017 7

People say it's the best of the Star Wars films for decades. It was by turns stirring and as ropey as an old Doctor Who episode.

Rundle: remembering two stalwarts of the Indigenous Black Power movement

December 13, 2017 7

Sol Bellear and Denis Walker were two mainstays of a movement that, for the most part, was about building black community.

Rundle: the ‘intellectual’ right are sloppier than a failed MasterChef pudding

December 11, 2017 12

Guy Rundle on the intellectual inconsistencies of the right as tasting menu.