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Solving gun crime is bigger than amnesties and crackdowns: violence prevention expert

October 4, 2017 2

Broader factors need to be fed into the gun-control debate, argue those who study its Australian context.

What is a ‘gun amnesty’ anyway? And how is it meant to stop crime?

June 19, 2017 5

Crikey intern Will Ziebell.

Prison and building company shares soar in wake of Trump

November 10, 2016 1

Guns are down though.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

April 19, 2016 4

Pollies on hols … sun’s out, guns out for Muir … party prophylactics …

Business bites: Aussie dollar highs … corruption inquiry bites … guns superfly …

March 4, 2016 1

Smith & Wesson is having a banner year, showing that there is lots of money to be made in fear. Plus other business tidbits of the day.

Business bites: rate tweaks … property looks bleak … greedy gun freaks …

August 31, 2015 1

The world holds is breath ahead of the US Federal Reserve's meeting in mid-September. And other business tidbits of the day.

Rundle: at a gun show, the firepower of the American Right

Rundle: at a gun show, the firepower of the American Right

October 28, 2014 12

Crikey's writer-at-large finds there aren't a whole lot of Obama supporters at a Kansas gun show -- but that the Republican Right might be losing ground anyway.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

January 25, 2013 3

Defence women on the frontline since January 1 ... transport group to go into administration? ... readers of The Age love their guns ...

US assault rifle ban: why the NRA is right (sort of)

January 24, 2013 21

Focussing on assault rifles and hi-cap magazines in the US gun control debate is a false security, writes University of Queensland professor and American ex-pat Howard Karger. The answer lies in regulating guns.

Sasha and Malia need a bodyguard — little Johnny doesn’t

January 18, 2013

Crikey readers weigh in on the issues of the day.