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Why teens’ protests over US gun laws demand serious attention

February 21, 2018 17

US students have been making headlines recently for their vocal opposition to the nation's gun laws. And they aren't backing down.

Labor says ‘yes’ to more guns and a party worse than One Nation

October 12, 2017 5

Don't ever think NSW Labor won't seize a political opportunity over principle any day of the week.

Razer: how the search for ‘truth’ after Las Vegas has been used to delude voters

October 10, 2017 27

This US mass shooting, like other US mass shootings, has become what others have described with terrible precision as a Rorschach test.

What will happen with gun control under a Trump presidency?

October 3, 2017 30

The simple fact is that the current administration is one of the most pro-gun Washington regimes in recent history.

Panicking Nationals flee to the far right

November 22, 2016 7

Rather than confront the threat of One Nation as previous generations of Nationals MPs did, they're caving in to it on issues like gun control.

Adlerian psychology: time for courage under (friendly) fire, Malcolm

October 19, 2016 19

Is there nothing the Coalition can't manage to completely stuff up?

Ruinous radicals

June 16, 2016 2

Crikey readers discuss issues of the day.

The 2nd Amendment is a terrible idea. But unfettered capitalism is worse.

October 6, 2015 11

Screwing people at the bottom half of income distribution doesn’t actually work to stimulate an economy. Plus, it can be fatal.

Rundle: John Howard, unlikely American saviour

Rundle: John Howard, unlikely American saviour

October 2, 2015 12

Australia's settings on guns have proved to be right, and the only person who can communicate that to his fellow right-wingers is, I hate to say it, John Howard.

From the terrorists at the NRA to Rupert himself, a lesson in Orwellian newspeak

From the terrorists at the NRA to Rupert himself, a lesson in Orwellian newspeak

July 16, 2015 9

There’s a spectre haunting public conversation, and it is the spectre of newspeak.