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Get a real job, Wayne — mining tax take won’t cut it

Crikey July 17, 2012 36 Comments

With the resources sector transitioning from boom times to just "good times", Canberra's tax take is on the slide. Without a bold fix it might be time for Wayne Swan to don the hard hat for real, says Rob Burgess.

Productivity needs a shot in the arm — why not a GST boost?

Productivity needs a shot in the arm — why not a GST boost?

Crikey October 18, 2011 53 Comments

Iin a political climate where people are craving leadership, and Australia’s productivity needs a desperate shot in the arm, advocating a tax swap should be opportune, writes Adam Creighton, a research fellow at The Centre For Independent Studies.

Rosenbloom: PM is using weasel words on the GST-equity debate

Crikey January 18, 2011 68 Comments

Despite a very hostile initial reaction, there’s going to be no let-up in the major campaign launched by Australian retailers for the federal government to level the tax playing-field, writes Henry Rosenbloom, founder and publisher of Scribe.

Tips and rumours

Crikey October 15, 2007

The ALP’s GST policy, to be released by Rudd this coming Thursday, is going to include an exemption from GST for “female sanitary products”, that is pads and tampons. Although the words “rollback” are not going to be mentioned, the ALP also intends to exempt a few other household items from the GST. My son […]