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The regulator and the regulated: sorry, but the internet won’t play that game

Bernard Keane May 27, 2010 7 Comments

Stephen Conroy rants at Google and Facebook. But he hasn't worked out that they don't play that game, and aren't that interested in what governments think.

Google vs. Stephen Conroy

Ruth B May 26, 2010 13 Comments

Stephen Conroy is taking on internet giants Google and Facebook over their recent privacy breaches. But is he just capitalising on the public sentiment against the two companies to take the heat off his widely-panned internet filter plans?

Conroy: We’ll block 50,000 sites

Crikey May 25, 2010

Stephen Conroy last night warned the Government would consider blocking up to 50,000 websites, before launching an attack on euthanasia websites and Facebook, reports Bernard Keane.

No sex, no YouTube, no Facebook — Conroy’s still watching you

Crikey May 10, 2010

Stephen Conroy's controversial internet filter has been placed on the backburner in the hope that it won't become a major election issue. But stay alert, writes Ross Fitzgerald, the internet filter will come back even more draconian than ever.

The filter smackdown continues — now with added Google controversy

Bernard Keane February 15, 2010 4 Comments

Stephen Conroy's response on the internet filter didn't end the debate -- in fact, he appears to have opened up some new issues, including one with Google.

Conroy: We didn’t claim filtering was a silver-bullet solution

Crikey February 3, 2010 34 Comments

ISP filtering is just one component of the government's cyber-safety policy, writes Senator Stephen Conroy.

Day: In defence of Conroy’s filter

Crikey February 1, 2010

Mark Day defends the Minister Stephen Conroy's plan to filter Australia's web content with a challenge to its critics: if you don't like it, make a plausible case for why we need access to "online bestiality or child sex abuse". Them's fightin' words.

Conroy frantically spins Clinton speech

Crikey January 25, 2010 10 Comments

The debate over internet censorship has moved to the global centre stage, with Hillary Clinton declaring free access to information online as critical a human right. Will Rudd get on board? asks Colin Jacobs.

The copyright outrage the geeks forgot to mention

The copyright outrage the geeks forgot to mention

Crikey January 20, 2010 25 Comments

The tech community hasn't done much of a job of persuading mainstream Australia that proposed internet censorship laws are a bad idea, despite their potentially crippling effect on freedom of speech, writes Angus Kidman.

The AfPak conundrum

Crikey January 14, 2010 3 Comments

Crikey readers are up on their soapbox on Afghanistan, Rupert's paywall and Conroy's filter.