July, 2012

‘Hangouts’ with the PM? More to come

, Jul 23, 2012

Some have criticised Julia Gillard's latest foray into online chat as trite -- but others see it as a valuable communications medium for both politicians and the public

Top social media cheat sheets

, Jul 10, 2012

For newbies and experts alike, Mashable presents a set of useful cheat sheets for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Digital marketers move from ‘plus ones’ to ‘pins’

, May 22, 2012

Google+ have taken measures to appeal to brands but digital marketers are shifting to a different platform: Pinterest, reports Cotton Delo.

Google could have a new savour: Pinterest

, Apr 13, 2012

Having staked so much on its success, Google can't afford Google+ to fail, yet virtually nobody uses it. Acquiring emerging social media platform Pinterest could be just what the doctor ordered, writes Kyle Wagner.

Google+ isn’t dead yet

, Apr 12, 2012

It may be widely perceived as a social media platform populated by cyber tumbleweeds, but Google says a whopping 100 million people have used Google+ in the last 30 days, reports Lisa O'Carroll and Josh Hallday.

Tumbleweeds roll through Google+, the social media ghost town

, Feb 16, 2012

There's no doubt Google was very effective in getting users to sign up for Google+. Trouble is, the new social media platform quickly turned into a ghost town, writes Rebecca Greenfield.
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Bartholomeusz: will the market ‘like’ Facebook?

, Jan 31, 2012

With Facebook apparently set to launch an initial public offering this week, valuing it at $US75 billion-$US100 billion, the market’s willingness to capitalise the optimism around social networking businesses is about to be tested.

Could Google+ revolutionise TV broadcasting?

, Jan 25, 2012

Arguably the best feature of Google+, 'hangouts', has been expanded to allow broadcasting linked to YouTube streams. It presents immense opportunities for TV networks, writes, Devon Glenn.

Stilgherrian: still mid-game in the digital year that was

, Dec 21, 2011

Well, the conversion of all human existence into digital form continues to make steady progress. Few real obstacles were encountered this year, despite repeated attempts to frighten us off.

Anonymity, identity and the internet

, Nov 16, 2011

Crikey readers have their say.