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Rundle: Hanson’s autistic kids comments reveal a truth no one wants to talk about

Guy Rundle June 23, 2017 56 Comments

That some teachers have to devote most of their attention to children with serious behaviour management issues is hardly news to anyone with a child in school, but there’s a curious veil of silence drawn across it.

Labor rejects surrender, fights on for Gonski

Bernard Keane May 26, 2017 9 Comments

Labor is being deeply cynical in its ongoing attacks on the government over school funding. But it's unlikely to lose it any votes.

Catholic educators’ bitterness over Gonski 2.0 is rich indeed

Bernard Keane May 5, 2017 13 Comments

The complaints from Catholic schools that their big rise in Gonski 2.0 funding isn't as much as government schools is simply rentseeking, and nothing to do with the great debates of the past.

Coalition can never have clean hands on education funding

Bernard Keane September 27, 2016 17 Comments

No matter what its intention are on education funding, the Coalition can no longer be believed when it talks about public schools. It has turned this issue into a toxic mess for itself.

An education in electioneering

Crikey May 9, 2016 7 Comments

Turnbull pitches to those who can buy their kids a house, but Shorten is betting a lot on school funding. Former Labor member for Bennelong Maxine McKew gets the lay of the land.

Coalition living on a prayer with yet another Gonski backflip

Bernard Keane May 2, 2016 9 Comments

The Coalition has performed yet another backflip on Gonski funding -- illustrating that when it comes to schools funding, it is incapable of a coherent position.

Gonski reforms are vital to our ‘agile’ future

Bernard Keane January 29, 2016 14 Comments

Maintaining Gonski reform school funding beyond 2017 is crucial to improving our educational performance. It's easy economic reform, but necessary.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey October 26, 2015 5 Comments

Smell like a Digger ... give a Gonski a drink ... musical numbers ...

Schooling Christopher Pyne

Crikey January 13, 2014 2 Comments

Crikey readers talk Christopher Pyne, and one remembers a limerick that's good on paper.

Media briefs: LA paper … killer correction … Pyne’s rate of nots …

Media briefs: LA paper … killer correction … Pyne’s rate of nots …

Crikey December 20, 2013

Amid all the doom and gloom of the newspaper industry (and there is plenty about), there is something of a Christmas miracle in Los Angeles: a new newspaper has been launched. Plus other media snippets.