July, 2017

How mainstream media still butcher the facts on Gillard’s live cattle ban

, Jul 24, 2017

Newspapers have reported that graziers have felt the impacts of the “catastrophic” ban as long as five years later. Well that's just bullshit (if you'll pardon the apt pun).

Windsor returns: is it bye bye, Barnaby? Or an all-out dog fight?

, Mar 10, 2016

Former indepent MP Tony Windsor will challenge Barnaby Joyce in New England.
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Rundle: worst Australian government ever, proven by science

, Sep 02, 2015

No, really. This is the actual worst one. But just for fun, let's look at the other contenders ...
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Mayne: director protests overshadowing remuneration issues at AGMs

, Oct 29, 2014

Protest votes are on the rise in AGM season. Is it a sign of a wider malaise?
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‘Stand up and fight!’ Combet gets feisty at book launch

, Jul 29, 2014

The former climate change and energy minister launched his book to a packed house -- but will it resonate outside the ALP bubble?
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It’s time to grit our teeth and face fiscal reality

, Jun 20, 2014

This government blames all of its unpopular budget cuts on the spending of the previous government, and no doubt the next government will do the same. But Stephen Bartos, ACIL Allen Consulting public policy and governance expert, says the real problem is that time is not on our side.

Cross your heart, hope for pride

, Apr 03, 2014

Crikey readers talk the provenance of putting one's hand on one's heart and the problem with solar panels.
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Wilkie: Gillard’s backroom deal — and how she betrayed me

, Mar 12, 2014

Julia Gillard came to the member for Denison with a curious proposal. Federal MP Andrew Wilkie is now spilling the beans on the secret deal -- and why he ultimately tore up an agreement once she stabbed him in the back.
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Razer’s class warfare: it’s the economy, stupid (or why Scorsese is a girl’s blouse)

, Jan 16, 2014

When did we decide that economics and a real class struggle were too hard and we could just get by with our feely feely feelings?
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Flying high: Labor ministers racked up millions in VIP travel

, Dec 10, 2013

Labor used the VIP jets far more than the Howard government, a review of the practice by Rose Iser at The Citizen has found. Despite MPs speaking out against it.