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Pell to the rescue as Vatican contemplates reform

Pell to the rescue as Vatican contemplates reform

April 15, 2013

George Pell might not have a strong record in common sense, but distance from Rome might help him bring a fresh perspective to the Vatican's intractable problems, writes Charles Richardson.

The intractable problem of North Korea

April 9, 2013 2

Crikey readers talk George Pell, The Age's paywall and a warning before showing the Opposition Leader in his budgie smugglers.

Ex-Benedict: what now for the Catholic Church?

Ex-Benedict: what now for the Catholic Church?

March 4, 2013 5

The Catholic Church has some serious soul-searching to do in the wake of Benedict's resignation to decide its future, writes Vatican-based journalist Desmond O'Grady.

Come in Spinner: tale of two Catholic clerics, 50 years apart

December 6, 2012 3

While George Pell generates plenty of controversy, so far he has yet to meet the levels of Archibishop Daniel Mannix -- the subject of a new biography. There are some interesting parallels with the current crop of Catholics, writes Noel Turnbull.

Why George Pell is Australia’s most influential religious leader

Why George Pell is Australia’s most influential religious leader

October 4, 2012

If Tony Abbott becomes our next prime minister, as many predict, there's one holy man best placed to whisper into his ear: cardinal George Pell, writes Tom Cowie.

Why Pell and Dawkins need each other

April 18, 2012 38

Guy Rundle rerveals how much he enjoyed the Richard Dawkins-George Pell Q&A smackdown.

Climate scientists slam George Pell’s ‘utter rubbish’ claims

October 28, 2011 190

Leading climate change researchers have launched a scathing attack on a speech delivered this week by Cardinal George Pell, describing it as "dreadful", "utter rubbish" and "flawed"., writes Graham Readfearn.

Human rights: what is Rudd waiting for?

January 20, 2010 2

Is the government backing away from introducing a bill of rights? In the absence of any serious negatives, we should expect a human rights act within this parliamentary term, writes Susan Ryan, chair of the Australian Human Rights Group.

Tips and rumours: Cardinal Pell’s climate sceptic pals

November 9, 2009 1

Cardinal George Pell makes friends with climate sceptics, the SMH's new A-group, a conspiracy theory about the Bondi caveman, and is Christopher Pyne eying the leadership?

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

July 18, 2008 4

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