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Razer: how the fogies sold Millennials a lie, then sold them out

Helen Razer May 30, 2017 14 Comments

Last week, Helen Razer accepted an invitation to a Millennial Marketing conference in Melbourne’s Federation Square and, no, she doesn’t know how her name got on their list, either.

From free love to narcissism

Clive Hamilton August 14, 2009 18 Comments

It's forty years since Woodstock and the Summer of Love of '69. It’s little wonder that Gen Xers and Gen Ys take a jaundiced view of Woodstock nostalgia.

Gen X Reserve Banker: we’re “screwed” by Baby Boomers and Gen Y

Gen X Reserve Banker: we’re “screwed” by Baby Boomers and Gen Y

Glenn Dyer July 27, 2009 12 Comments

Gen X Reserve Banker Guy Debelle calls his fellow Xers "that generation which is unfortunately screwed" by both Baby Boomers (whose debt they're paying), and Gen Y (who'll cut their pensions).

My dad writes the jingle, that makes the cordial ad, that I like best

Sophie Black June 17, 2009

One surefire way to whip up a storm of nostalgia is not to play a song, or show a clip from a classic movie, but to recall a slogan or jingle from an advertising campaign.