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I’m like, totally, a soldier in Afghanistan

February 17, 2010

The war in Afghanistan has become Generation Y's war and it's a far different atmosphere from George Bush days. Embedded ABC journo Mark Corcoran reports on the war that has regained Washington's attention.

Why we’re not tying the knot

January 20, 2010

Young people aren't getting married because they are too angsty, scared of divorce, immature and have good birth control. Instead, a new relationship trend has emerged between 'dating' and ''til death do us part', writes Hannah Seligson.

Young swinging Japanese voters cause landslides

August 28, 2009

Young Japanese voters -- middle class, university educated, nonchalant about politics 30 somethings -- often turn out to be the biggest decider of Japanese elections.

Woodstock: Blame the boomers for not going far enough

August 17, 2009 4

The Woodstock anniversary shows once again the power of the 60s social movements. Except, the women's movement challenged the madonna/whore distinction and we ended up with post-feminism and ... Madonna.

The youth of today? Quite similar to yesterday

The youth of today? Quite similar to yesterday

August 17, 2009

The criticism of Generation Y as over communicators, incapable of political engagement or analytical thought, is all just a little bit of youth bashing history repeating, writes Barney Langford.

From free love to narcissism

August 14, 2009 18

It's forty years since Woodstock and the Summer of Love of '69. It’s little wonder that Gen Xers and Gen Ys take a jaundiced view of Woodstock nostalgia.

Where was the outrage over the Teen Kings of Werribee sentencing?

December 14, 2007 2

The more reporting that comes out about the Aurukun case, the more questions appear – though no-one is asking them in many of the mainstream media outlets, writes Guy Rundle.