December, 2017

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Covering Melbourne … the most-read newspaper … Telcos pulled into line …

, Dec 22, 2017

The story yesterday of the car attack in Melbourne's city, apart from some ill-placed advertising and some bad takes online, was as good as can be expected.

What Mark Latham didn’t say about his ‘white male privilege’ report

, Jul 11, 2017

Gender and diversity training in the APS is working, but you won't hear Mark Latham say that.

What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

, Mar 10, 2017

What we're reading: stories from solitary confinement, how women are better financial managers, the underground railroad for refugees, polarised punks, how left-wing media got trapped by capitalism, and is consciousness an illusion?

Hanson continues her war on Australian women

, Feb 06, 2017

Having demonised Australia's family law system for driving men to murder women, Pauline Hanson wants to replace it with a system that will entrench economic discrimination against women.

Libs’ woman problem worsens

, Dec 15, 2016

Watch this space.

We are relying more on women. How about paying them fairly?

, Aug 23, 2016

A new report on inequality gets to grips with many issues undermining equality and economic growth. Gender and the way our workforce is changing is part of the story.

Pauline Hanson: a role model for Australian girls

, Jul 13, 2016

We can learn a lot from Pauline Hanson, writes comedian and aspiring proud father Ben Pobjie.
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Tips and rumours

, Mar 08, 2016

The election will be ... where the ladies at? ... Twitter diplomacy ...
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Violence against women: how ‘not now, not ever’ became business as usual

, Oct 13, 2015

It seems to be that violence against women shall only be seen through the lens of gender. Why is that?
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Mayne: will the AFL get Turnbull’s message on gender equality?

, Sep 28, 2015

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has delivered a strong message on gender equality in professional settings. Will it trickle down?