June, 2015

Legacies, change and backflips

, Jun 24, 2015

Crikey readers discuss Zaky Millah and other issues of the day.
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Tips and rumours

, Feb 21, 2014

Mouldy chemo in Queensland hospitals? ... Party time off the coast of the camp ... Mac Bank's Victorian electricity offer ... No cosplay allowed for Presley ...
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Media briefs: ABC bombshell? … Geelong reader map … SMH tabloidises …

, Feb 07, 2013

ABC newsrooms are on alert for a major announcement at 1pm today. What's going down?

Tips and rumours

, Nov 14, 2012

Here's a to-do for Gail Kelly at posh girls' school ... D-day looms in Geelong advertising war ... Gold Coast Bulletin not so gold? ...

Last minute injunction leaves 60 Minutes flat footed

, Aug 10, 2009

The desperate spiking of last-night's 60 Minutes "suicide cluster" story had an interesting lead-up, pitting BeyondBlue chief Jeff Kennett and adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg against Nine chief David Gyngell.

Hawks too good on the day (and keep the dynasty talk at bay)

, Sep 29, 2008

Hawthorn’s story over the past 12 years has been a remarkable one. Its ability to pick itself up from the rubble when the membership voted to stave off a merger with Melbourne has been astonishing, writes Charles Happell.

The Cats’ Whiskers: Geelong on the verge of a holy trinity

, Sep 28, 2007

All that sits between Geelong and greatness is 120 mins of football ... and a mighty challenger in Port Power. Can the Cats take what many see as rightfully theirs?

Crikey’s AFL & NRL Hot Form Charts: Grand Final Edition

, Sep 28, 2007

Here were are... the final week of football in both the AFL and NRL. The big one. Pat Devery delivers his final Hot Form Charts for 2007.

Retrenched factory fodder and public servants better off than CDEP rejects

, Sep 25, 2007

Three contrasting circumstances sum up why it’s much harder to survive in the workforce if you are Aboriginal these days. Sacked factory workers, Aboriginal workers and public servants fare quite differently in the brave new world of the federal intervention.

The AFL season is getting exciting … well, isn’t it?

, Sep 21, 2007

For the emotionally detached footy fan, those of us who follow clubs other than the four in action this weekend, it’s been a little difficult getting excited about the finals this year. The reason is simple: Geelong has been too bloody good, writes Patrick Devery.