August, 2017

Laurie Oakes hangs up boots, shonks and scoundrels breathe a little easier

, Aug 04, 2017

Laurie Oakes has called it a day, leaving a trail of explosive political scoops in his formidable wake.
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Radio revolution? Tuning in to the new breakfast ‘all-stars’

, Jan 20, 2014

Commercial radio is in middle of its biggest shake-up in years, but there was no sign of fresh content as the new breakfast all-stars hit the airwaves today. Crikey tuned in.
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Media briefs: Linnell v Jones … Tele v Labor … wrecking ball Tony …

, Dec 17, 2013

Fairfax editorial boss Garry Linnell is taking on a permanent radio hosting gig next year. That and other media tidbits.
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The man to save Fairfax? Part II: Linnell fights his News instincts

, Jul 04, 2013

Why was Garry Linnell removed as editor of The Daily Telegraph? And can he stop Fairfax from going under? Matthew Knott profiles the divisive figure in this final instalment.
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The man to save Fairfax? The unstoppable rise of Garry Linnell

, Jul 03, 2013

The Fairfax editorial supremo is anything but warm and fuzzy, but he is definitely making 'em talk about it. He sits down for a Chinese meal with Crikey to discuss his career and the future of media.
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Clean air for John Garnaut, home from China

, May 03, 2013

John Garnaut, one of Australia's most respected foreign correspondents, is heading home after a stint in China. Who will Fairfax pick to replace him?

Fairfax cuts Manning loose after scathing Crikey op-ed

, Apr 09, 2013

Fairfax's decision to sack reporter Paddy Manning, who wrote a scathing article on the company yesterday for Crikey, has stunned some journalists and divided the newsroom.
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The fact is, one size doesn’t fit all platforms

, Sep 10, 2012

As today's news media executives deal with agonies of the present, there are unexamined claims that get thrown around and fond hopes and cost exigencies that are misprepresented as bright new ways forward.

Mark Baker stands down to be The Age‘s ‘editor-at-large’

, Sep 05, 2012

Fairfax national editor Mark Baker has stood aside from his position to take on a new "editor-at-large" role at The Age.

Age’s Epicure to be a half-baked steak and Sydney pie?

, Jul 27, 2012

Fears were spreading faster than the finest Beurre noisette this morning that Victorian Age foodie insert Epicure could be axed at the behest of Sydney-based Fairfax cost-cutters.