May, 2018

Liberals owe more than an apology on royal commission. A lot more.

, May 01, 2018

At every stage over the last decade, the Liberals have tried to protect big banks and financial planners at the expense of ordinary Australians. And they knew the harm it was causing to people.

How to ensure financial planners act professionally

and , Apr 30, 2018

There are three key steps required if financial planning is to become professional. Otherwise, it should abandon the pretence it is comparable to medical and legal practitioners.

Turnbull can use lessons from the royal commission to fix live exports

, Apr 23, 2018

If the government is smart, it won't make the same mistake it made about a banking royal commission on live exports.
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Coalition still playing catch-up on financial planning

, Apr 20, 2015

While Labor's Sam Dastyari runs "show trials" of the big banks, the Coalition is left ruing its failure to take control of the issue of financial planning scandals.
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Palmer’s pointless red tape hands banks a big win on FOFA

, Jul 15, 2014

On the day the financial services inquiry is flagging the high cost of vertically integrated wealth management, Clive Palmer looks set to help the government gut consumer protections.
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Crunch time: welcome to a key week in this Parliament

, Jul 14, 2014

This week is the most important week in economic and fiscal policy for years as reforms that will have major long-term benefits face the axe.
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FOFA repeal flaw means conflicted remuneration is back

, Jul 03, 2014

A problem in the drafting of the government's FOFA repeal regulation means conflicted remuneration can continued to be paid to financial planners even in circumstances where the government claims it is prohibited.
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Did the pensioners save financial consumer protection?

, Mar 25, 2014

Opposition from two key groups created a major impediment to the government's repeal of FOFA. And both, surprisingly, are Coalition heartland.

Banks get what they paid for on ‘consumer protection’

, Mar 21, 2014

Mathias Cormann enjoys the confidence of the last remaining supporter of the repeal of FOFA -- $10,000 worth of it.
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Tips and rumours

, Mar 06, 2014

Qantas management cull? ... Alan Kohler turns to advertising ... Oscars star meets Bob Katter (!) ...