August, 2014

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Frances Abbott leak reveals legal blackhole for whistleblowers

, Aug 08, 2014

Experts say the case against the alleged whistleblower in "Daughtergate" is a good example of why comprehensive whistleblower protection is a very important issue for Australia.
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Sources outed as investigation into New Matilda leak nears completion

, Aug 04, 2014

Sources that allegedly leaked documents relating to Frances Abbott’s scholarship at the Whitehouse Institute of Design are being investigated by police, The Weekend Australian has revealed.
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‘My dad’s the Prime Minister’: did Frances Abbott get off too lightly?

, Jun 17, 2014

Prime ministerial daughter Frances Abbott has had a spot of bother with her landlord but ultimately got her bond back. Tenancy worker Dean Campbell wonders whether the rest of us would have been so lucky.
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Media briefs: Abbott Jr’s mag … Wake Up down … News on News …

, May 23, 2014

There were tears, singing and general zaniness for Wake Up's last show. Plus other media tidbits of the day.
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Richard Farmer’s chunky bits: Tony no modern man

, Feb 01, 2013

Presumably Frances Abbott. is being well schooled in these matters but seven and a half months is a long time on the trail and there will be desperation aplenty among a media pack searching for a gaffe or two.