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Crocodile Dundee in Munich: the sequel that never was

October 4, 2017 7

With Munich’s famous Oktoberfest coming to a climax this week, clam-handed castaway Richard Ogier has the city’s DIY denizens decidedly non-plussed.

Rundle: heady hours for centrist France as Macron thumps Le Pen

May 8, 2017 18

Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has won a convincing victory in round two of the French presidential elections, defeating National Front candidate Marine Le Pen by about 65% to 35%. The figure is somewhat better than was forecast throughout most of the lead-up to the final bout, with Macron leading Le Pen by 60%-40% in polls. […]

Rundle: on the troubled streets of a France that’s burning

May 2, 2017 5

Could Marine Le Pen win the 2017 French election after all?

Rundle: history — of France and the world — happens in the expo park

April 28, 2017 6

Could far-right darling Marine Le Pen possibly beat centrist Emmanuel Macron? Stranger things have happened.

France’s youth call bullshit on boomers’ faith in centrism, globalisation

April 27, 2017 17

Younger people have been confounding older people from society’s very dawn, and the recent first-round French presidential elections have proved no different.

Rundle: for France’s traditional left, le fin

April 21, 2017 12

Barring a miracle or collective polling error -- neither of which favour a secular mainstream party -- Benoit Hamon and the Parti Socialiste are toast.

Right-wing France will beat the crepe out of leftists come polling day, unless …

January 20, 2017 3

The left parties effectively conceded defeat by fielding six candidates, writes freelance journalist in France Alan Austin.

Liberte, egalite, and a firm ‘non’ to Trumpism

November 21, 2016

Nicolas Sarkozy was the most Donald Trump-like candidate for France's Republican party, but voters were having none of it.

Rundle: fighting terrorism with violence only creates more terrorists

November 16, 2015 23

Everything will be tried, in an effort to avoid the obvious truth: withdrawing troops and bombing runs from Muslim lands would diminish the terror risk at home greatly.

WikiLeaks: what Australia got from the NSA’s commercial spying

WikiLeaks: what Australia got from the NSA’s commercial spying

June 30, 2015 9

The vast mass surveillance system established by the National Security Agency and its partners like Australia aren't about stopping terrorist attacks but about helping our companies make a buck. New documents from WikiLeaks show how.