July, 2012

A northern food bowl? Katter’s heard that one before

, Jul 18, 2012

A new National Food Plan -- backing the case to farm more of Australia's north -- is something Barnaby Joyce and Bob Katter have long called for. Emil Jeyaratnam speaks to them in Canberra.

Food security v energy security: land use conflict and the law

, Feb 20, 2012

The issue? Mining coal seam gas in agricultural areas. The conflict? Balancing food security and energy security, writes FAQ Research's Dr Tina Hunter.

The inconvenient facts on food security

, Jan 20, 2012

A report on the level of foreign ownership in our food industry produced some inconvenient facts for food security hysterics.

Abbott on farming v mining

, Aug 15, 2011

Tony Abbott has arrived late and confused at an issue the Greens have been pursuing for years. Declaring you support both farmers and miners on these issues is merely going to make everyone unhappy.
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Crikey clarifier: why are global food prices so volatile?

, Jul 19, 2011

Every news story about the African crisis references the impact of world food prices. Why are they so volatile and how should they be stabilised?

Common sense is cheap, which is why it has no lobby group

, Jun 17, 2011

Crikey readers have their say.
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Foreign ownership of Aussie land: the peril of selling the farm

, Jun 16, 2011

Foreign government-backed companies have begun buying up farmland around the world, with Australia’s vast tracts of top quality primary production land a prime target.

Bee invasion: flying Asian ‘cane toad’ a $6 billion threat

, Mar 02, 2011

Apiarists from around the country have descended on Canberra this week to fight the government's decision to halt its funding of the eradication of the Asian honey bee.

Count Carl Gustav Wachmeister wants to cut your lunch

, Nov 01, 2010

Australia faces a growing "food security" problem, we're told by politicians and industry. Except, we're not - it's just old-fashioned protectionism on the march.

Grocery retail dominance is a threat to public health

, Oct 09, 2009

It is easy to bash the grocery heavies, but to really address the issue of healthy eating, a multi-faceted approach is required -- one that looks at social and health factors as much as economic ones, writes Jon Wardle.