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Legal battle over restaurant review leaves bitter taste

Legal battle over restaurant review leaves bitter taste

Amber Jamieson June 29, 2012 11 Comments

A nine-year High Court battle over a restaurant review in The Sydney Morning Herald finally came to a close this week and it's left food reviewers with a bitter taste in their mouths.

Critiquing a food critic

W H Chong September 22, 2010

Have you ever read a food review and wanted to see how it stacked up against your own tastebuds/sensory organs? Last week W H Chong had the perfect opportunity to compare his views with Larissa Dubecki, editor of The Age's 'Epicure'.

You be the judge at this MasterChef restaurant

Eloise Keating May 21, 2010

Do the MasterChef judges know what they are talking about? Why not head down to one of their restaurants and see if they put their, um, food where their mouths are.

Stephen Downes: dishing the dirt on food critics

Crikey November 30, 2009 11 Comments

"When it comes to legitimate restaurant reviewing, many journalists have dropped the ball." Herald Sun food critic Stephen Downes lifts the lid on the very secret world of food reviewing -- an industry that now runs on spin and hype.