January, 2013

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There’s two sides to the US trillion-dollar coin

, Jan 09, 2013

There are suggestions President Obama should issue a trillion-dollar coin to pay down US debt. Huh? The proposal is a bizarre response to the next stage of the ongoing US financial crisis.

What’s over the fiscal cliff? We may be about to find out

, Dec 24, 2012

Congress and Barack Obama have gone on holidays without a deal on the "fiscal cliff". The chances of anything more than a temporary fix now look remote.

Republicans battle between moderates and Tea Partiers

, Dec 20, 2012

Crikey readers weigh in.
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Obama weighs up letting the budget go over the cliff

, Dec 19, 2012

The "fiscal cliff" is dominating political news in the United States, where come January 1, tax rises and spending cuts will kick in under the current deal, unless Obama and the House can negotiate a better one.

US business bets on big rise in dividend tax

, Nov 30, 2012

Companies in the US are bringing forward their dividends to avoid a sharp rise in dividend tax that could be the result of the upcoming "fiscal cliff".
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Ignore the White House, Australian eyes should be on the Senate

, Nov 07, 2012

Pakistan has good reason to fear the re-election of Barack Obama. But Australians should be watching the Senate result -- that's where the results may really affect those Down Under.