March, 2010

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How to get a letter published in The SMH — #1: be a bloke

, Mar 30, 2010

What does it take to get a letter published in The SMH? Well it helps if you're not a cheeky feminist wanting to have a go at Paul Sheehan, advise Gabe Kavanagh and Rosa Campbell.

“Writing is what the men do”: sexism in journalism

, Mar 26, 2010

It's been forty years since a landmark gender discrimination case against NEWSWEEK magazine by its employees. So, how much has changed for women? asks current NEWSWEEK journos.
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PHOTO GALLERY: Women’s lib: as seen through 70 years of Newsweek covers

, Mar 24, 2010

Newsweek takes a look back at its most iconic depictions of "women's history" over the magazine's 70+ years of history.

The day Lady Gaga made it into Australian parliament

, Mar 23, 2010

Last week, NSW Labor MP Greg Donnelly remarked that singers like Beyonce and Lady Gaga are encouraging sexual violence against women with their raunchy attitudes. Um, that's not quite how rape occurs, writes lauredhel.

Senators, don’t use women’s needs as an excuse for bad policy

, Mar 16, 2010

Since when did feminism condone compulsory loss of rights for categories of women? Please don't use women's needs as an excuse for bad policy as it sounds a bit like Phillip Ruddock wearing his Amnesty badge while persecuting asylum seekers.

Mrs Nowra answers her husband’s critics

, Mar 12, 2010

Louis Nowra's wife Mandy Sayer answers her husband's critics in today's Australian, in an item running under the awful headline: "Louis, Louis, oh baby, you gotta go."

Put ethics on the political agenda and allow us to develop more feminist futures

, Mar 08, 2010

Feminism was once about making wide changes in the way societies were run and what was valued. It seems to now be mainly about minor expansions of women’s illusory choices.

Razer: The Monthly‘s Louis Nowra needs a good vajazzling

, Mar 08, 2010

Forget what Louis Nowra and The Monthly say, writes Helen Razor: Germaine Greer is a bright and occasionally charming old ratbag who should be revered.
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Happy International Women’s Day from Freedom Furniture

, Mar 08, 2010

What better way to celebrate the emancipation of women than with this timely ad from Freedom Furniture, declaring: "Every woman's dream: Being rewarded to go shopping".

Greer: I didn’t liberate women

, Mar 08, 2010

It's been 40 years since Germaine Greer wrote her pivotal feminist text The Female Eunuch. But while the West has since undergone a "feminist revolution", she's not taking any of the credit.