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London-Frankfurt to go high-speed rail by 2013

London-Frankfurt to go high-speed rail by 2013

September 27, 2010

Another intensively flown city pair, London-Frankfurt, could gain frequent high speed rail links in the near future, says Ben Sandilands. London could have a rail link to Frankfurt that is superior to air services for most potential travellers at least a year sooner, in 2013, than Paris.

Melbourne + two airports + rail = $$$$

Melbourne + two airports + rail = $$$$

September 14, 2010

There are clear signs in today’s media that Melbourne is getting closer to playing its airport-rail corridor cards. It needs to plan wisely from the start, warns Ben Sandilands.

The fast train to nowhere

November 6, 2009 1

Crikey readers on why Airbus hasn't killed the fast train, the government's Telstra swashbuckling, border protection (or lackthereof) and Rosemary Stanton gets into a food fight.

Fast trainspotting

October 29, 2009 6

Crikey readers love their train spotting and weigh in on the possibility of fast trains in Australia. Plus, what is happening with ASIO and the difficulties with the abortion debate.

We need new fast trains … fast.

October 28, 2009 26

We are all to blame with our pathetic mimicking of the American arrogant entitlement to drive anywhere we want. But fast rail lines, like those seen in Spain, are exactly what Australia's public transport system needs.