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Would Sam Dastyari have been justified punching the racists who abused him?

Charlie Lewis November 9, 2017 22 Comments

A question that returns to us with dispiriting regularity flared up again over night, with Sam Dastyari's run-in with the far right -- when, if ever, is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Election explainer: what happened in the German election?

Charlie Lewis September 25, 2017 19 Comments

Angela Merkel has retained the Chancellorship -- just -- and faces a series of challenges in the months ahead.

Golden Dawn Down Under: Turnbull-haters plant seeds of a far-right crusade

William Bowe December 21, 2015 5 Comments

Will the moderate Malcolm Turnbull incense the far right enough such that they formalise a successful far-right political party?

Named and shamed

Named and shamed

Bernard Keane November 23, 2010 99 Comments

The reaction to the Federal Government's new immigration detention centre in South Australia has turned ugly, with a far Right party determined to exploit it.

Norway keeps out the hard Right — for now

Charles Richardson September 16, 2009 3 Comments

The fate of Norway's government is likely not a matter of importance unless you happen to be Norwegian. But what the election revealed about the state of its Opposition is of much more general interest.