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What Business Insider’s rambling hatchet job gets wrong about my work on copyright

Crikey August 28, 2017

A recent piece in Business Insider insults Rebecca Giblin's academic integrity. Here is where it goes so horribly wrong.

Kim Williams’ dystopian nightmare of the future of copyright

Josh Taylor August 18, 2016 2 Comments

The current copyright scheme is just fine, says Kim Williams.

Greens backflip on copyright policy

Josh Taylor June 8, 2016 3 Comments

The Greens introduced a bill in favour of fair use exceptions in 2013. But it seems they no longer are keen on changing copyright law.

Fifield soothes the histrionic copyright industry: don’t worry, ridiculous laws will remain

Josh Taylor May 26, 2016 2 Comments

The Productivity Commission suggested our copyright laws might be a smidge outdated. The copyright industry, as always, bugged out.

Media briefs: First on … where? … Domain becomes MMP … a scalp for Speers …

Media briefs: First on … where? … Domain becomes MMP … a scalp for Speers …

Crikey February 11, 2015

It's dog-eat-dog in the cutthroat world of TV news. And other media tidbits of the day.

Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’: AP quote $2.50 per word

Crikey August 4, 2009

Wire Service The Associated Press don't like people getting something for nothing, and are now charging websites and news outlets to quote from its articles, with prices ranging from $12.50 for five words to $100 for 251 words or more.