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Yellow Pages cooks up a social media FAIL with "Hidden Pizza"

CrikeyApr 19, 2010

A campaign by Yellow Pages to create social media hype with the promise of free pizza has backfired spectacularly, proving just how irrelevant the clunky old book -- and its online arm -- is in the age of Google, Twitter and Foursquare, explains Lachy Warton.

Nestle's Facebook FAIL

CrikeyMar 22, 2010

Food empire Nestle showed how not to do social marketing recently, pissing off fans by deleting comments and engaging in childish flame-wars with critics, before finally having to apologise: "I have stopped being rude."

Happy International Women's Day from Freedom Furniture

Happy International Women's Day from Freedom Furniture

CrikeyMar 8, 2010

What better way to celebrate the emancipation of women than with this timely ad from Freedom Furniture, declaring: "Every woman's dream: Being rewarded to go shopping".

Bad fashion shoot concepts #253: The Holocaust

CrikeyNov 24, 2009

The publisher of airline EasyJet's inflight magazine has been forced to apologise after the mag staged a fashion photoshoot at Berlin's Holocaust memorial. Maybe red flags aren't "in" this season...

Local newsreaders attempt to explain

Local newsreaders attempt to explain "emo". Fail.

CrikeyNov 23, 2009

When news programs attempt to keep up with "da yoof", hilarity often ensues. Case in point, this round-up of local US news programs warning on the dangers of teen "emo" culture: "the more depressed you look, the more points you earn."

I thought it was the complexity of modern life...

I thought it was the complexity of modern life...

CrikeyOct 22, 200925 Comments

...but no.

Kraft caves, will create Vegemite 2.0.1

CrikeySep 30, 2009

Only four days after it announced the name of its new Vegemite product, the widely-mocked "iSnack 2.0", Kraft has admitted the moniker was a flop and will now give it another name. Can Crikey take some credit for its downfall? Probably not. Will we? Yes.

Vegemite's new name unites the internet in contempt

Vegemite's new name unites the internet in contempt

Ruth BSep 28, 200945 Comments

Kraft has finally found a name for its "new" Vegemite -- and it's so horrible, the entire internet has gone into snark meltdown.

MTV recruits Twitter correspondent

MTV recruits Twitter correspondent

CrikeySep 11, 2009

Remember when MTV was counter-culture? Ah well, this is a post-Newlyweds world, and the music channel is desperately chasing the zeitgeist by adding blogger iJustine as a "Twitter correspondent" for this year's Video Music Awards. "OMGZ!! WATCH ME ON THE 2009 VMAs!!!!" she vlogs.

FAIL: how one word went from verb to interjection... to viral

CrikeyAug 10, 2009

How did the word 'fail' go from humble verb to an epically popular interjection and internet phenomenon? A tale of syntax and social media.