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Is Twitter worth $16b? Perhaps in a multi-screen game

Is Twitter worth $16b? Perhaps in a multi-screen game

September 17, 2013 1

Ahead of Twitter's share float analysts are valuating the social media powerhouse at more than $16 billion. Will it flop like Facebook or justify its price in a multi-screen environment?

Facebook falls flat on its face, but blaming CFO not on

Facebook falls flat on its face, but blaming CFO not on

September 12, 2012

The recriminations over the Facebook float continue, with The New York Times and the owner of a basketball team weighing in on the villains and victims of the float.

Facebook, by stealth, putting the fee into feeds

June 8, 2012 2

It may be a coincidence, but in recent weeks (after its float), Facebook appears to be taking a very different approach to users and clients than when it was a private company.

New revenue stream is kids’ play for Facebook

June 6, 2012 2

Children need to learn to interact and socialise, whether online or offline.

Prophets and losses: it’s always someone else’s fault

May 29, 2012 8

It’s almost impossible to open the financial pages of a newspaper and not read about someone blaming someone else for their own mistakes.

Facebook launch: now the party’s over, the hangover begins

May 22, 2012

Early stats suggest the Facebook float may not have lived up to its hype, with an 11 percent shares drop in the first day of trading, reports Reuters.

Mayne: the world’s $100b businesses (if only Facebook was Greek)

Mayne: the world’s $100b businesses (if only Facebook was Greek)

May 21, 2012 6

One of the most fundamental disagreements between the Left and Right on economic matters comes down to the question of letting private enterprise build wealth and using government taxes to distribute wealth.

Kohler: a media machine to distract Facebook

May 21, 2012 6

There was plenty of commentary over the weekend that the Facebook IPO was a big flop because the underwriters had to support the price.

Facebook is profitable, but $86 billion is still speculation

May 4, 2012 2

Facebook's IPO Roadshow, 30 minutes of video Kool-Aid that you can't fast forward, contains all the usual elements of Silicon Valley hype.

Facebook buys Instagram’s buzz in lead-up to share float

April 10, 2012 1

Facebook's billion-dollar purchase of Instagram may look extravagant, but it makes sense if you consider scale, strategy, timing and the not-talked-about streams of personal data.

Can Zuckerberg keep his Facebook baby afloat?

February 2, 2012 2

Reading Mark Zuckerberg's letter to investors in the Facebook prospectus, which was released this morning, you get the distinct impression that taking the business public is really the last thing he wants to do, given the choice.

How Facebook makes billions of dollars

February 2, 2012

Facebook filed its long-awaited initial public offering noting it will seek to raise $5 billion for the float. But the IPO also reveals how Facebook made 3.71 billion in 2011.