October, 2014

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John Menadue: farewell to Gough Whitlam

, Oct 21, 2014

John Menadue, private secretary to Gough Whitlam 1960-67, remembers the achievements of one of the brightest lights in Australian public life.

Women have trouble making friends with their own authority

, Jul 09, 2012

Women struggle to take on the mantle of authority because they don’t feel good about those who have had authority over them, says one expert. Is there a way out, asks Kath Walters of Leading Company?

Cox: 40 years on and the equal pay gaps continue

, Feb 02, 2012

It will be 40 years in December since the incoming Whitlam government asked the Arbitration Commission to reopen the equal pay case.

Gender parity an electoral albatross around the ALP’s neck

, Dec 05, 2011

As long as the participation of women lurks below 50%, prospects of reform or reinvention in the Australian Labor Party are limited, writes Tanja Kovac.

Cox: wheels slowly in motion for equal pay for women

, Nov 11, 2011

Even if a rise is granted, it will be phased in over six years and not apparently starting until December next year. While this seems reasonable, the slowness again exploits the goodwill of a sector of powerless workers.

Cox: why is equal pay so difficult to achieve?

, Aug 22, 2011

As many women’s groups gear up for the annual unequal payday commiseration, more statistics emerge that suggest the gap may be going backwards, or, at best, is stuck.

Cox: PM’s macho social agenda has balls but no heart

, May 13, 2011

The whole Women's Budget statement is a paean of praise for the virtues of hard work and economic participation, like so much of the rest of the budget

Push for higher super contributions using women as stalking horse

, Mar 30, 2011

Look carefully at who is pushing for the rise in super contributions to 12%. The clear beneficiaries will be the finance industry, union funds and high income males.

Cox: a centenary of continuous struggle for women

, Mar 08, 2011

Women still have a long way to go for equality and we need to get moving because there are serious issues that cannot be solved by economic modelling of independent self-interested masculinity equations.

Cox: major parties show their limits on women’s issues

, Mar 04, 2011

It seems neither major party leader put a sufficient priority on the WEL NSW event to give them something new to announce.