November, 2015

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Media briefs: white ants at News … writing about Murdoch … coal for humanity …

, Nov 12, 2015

Big Harto still giving out gems. Plus other media tidbits of the day.
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Business bites: soccer sour grapes … high dollar grates … about US rates …

, Nov 09, 2015

Only insomniacs and weirdos watch soccer anyway, says News, which was outbid on the soccer. Plus other business tidbits of the day.
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Media briefs: First on … where? … Domain becomes MMP … a scalp for Speers …

, Feb 11, 2015

It's dog-eat-dog in the cutthroat world of TV news. And other media tidbits of the day.
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Readers’ ed watch .. EPL’s £5b deal … ABC misunderstood …

, Jun 14, 2012

In today's Media Briefs: readers' editor watch ... The EPL's £5 billion TV deal ... Front Page of the Day ... The Department of Corrections ... ABC's critics misunderstand the ABC says ABC boss and more ...

AFL crowd numbers stack up globally

, Sep 09, 2010

The best-attended domestic sports league in the world is the National Football League. The AFL, with teams in just six or seven cities, was not that far behind, writes Ed Wyatt of Back Page Lead

English Premier League: where even losers can be winners

, May 18, 2010

Each English Premier League team earned nearly £25 million pounds from TV appearances alone last year. With that sort of money, there should be no need for clubs to face financial hardship.

PHOTO GALLERY: Premier League stars draw self portraits

, Apr 12, 2010

Professional footballers have drawn self portraits of themselves for a charity auction. The Independent asked a graphologist to analyse what they tell us about the players. Our guess: that they can't draw.

Emaciated EPL stares down the Continent

, Aug 14, 2009

The hooplah over tonight's English Premier League kick-off comes after a summer of record transfers to Spain, writes Martin Pegan.

Premier League clubs told to share wealth

, May 08, 2009

The Government is demanding a radical overhaul of English football finances to break the domination of the “big four” clubs.

Melbourne Victory to play Fulham

, May 05, 2009

The A-League's Melbourne Victory will play English Premier League club Fulham in a friendly match at Etihad Stadium in July.