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Abbott and his Monash morons should quit the Libs

April 4, 2018 17

Tony Abbott isn't merely destabilising Malcolm Turnbull, he's trashing his party's values. And his history shows he simply doesn't believe in the most basic ideas of the Liberal Party.

How to extricate yourself from an energy policy jam

October 18, 2017 51

There are a few tricks to Malcolm Turnbull's new energy policy. Here's how he did it.

Coalition racks up yet another energy policy, this one more to Abbott’s taste

October 17, 2017 14

The government's new energy regulation-based energy policy isn't about trying to avoid a fight with Tony Abbott -- but instead about a desperate government that needs a political weapon.

Australian neoliberalism meets its conqueror: electricity

October 16, 2017 28

The problems of our failed electricity market are the same problems that crop up time and again when market economics is applied to crucial services.

Could energy uncertainty be the gift that keeps on giving for Turnbull?

September 13, 2017 17

By prolonging uncertainty around investment in energy generation, the government gives itself scope to keep blaming Labor and renewables for blackouts -- at least until voters wake up to it.

Turnbull plays favourites as pre-Keating economics become ‘cool’ again

September 11, 2017 5

As interventionism becomes fashionable again, governments will do what they've always done -- play favourites and go after enemies. Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer report.

There might never be a deal to end the climate wars

September 8, 2017 13

While everyone has assumed the Prime Minister wants to get a Clean Energy Target through his partyroom, what if his goal is actually to demonise Labor instead?

The day the right didn’t like market forces, when coal-fired power was on the line

September 7, 2017 16

Let free markets and private capital operate unencumbered by regulation, the right demands. Until, um, free markets produce results they have an ideological problem with.

The surprisingly quick death of neoliberalism in Australia is underway

June 21, 2017 22

The Turnbull government is chucking neoliberal dogma overboard as fast as it can to try to keep up with a deeply sceptical electorate.

In Christensen’s Soviet Union, coal-fired power burns you!

June 15, 2017 9

The only way back for coal-fired power is via government ownership -- and Soviet-style command economics.

The five-minute solution to Australia’s energy crisis

April 5, 2017 7

The proposed "5-minute settlement rule" has the potential to simultaneously address the cause of price spikes and the reliability of the grid, and it would reduce emissions.

BlueScope’s amnesia powers its energy hypocrisy

February 21, 2017 26

Posturing by business on energy policy is a disguise for self-interest and a demand for more handouts and protection for companies like BlueScope Steel, write Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane.

‘Energy’, ‘families’, ‘work’: Turnbull’s obsessions during the first week of school

February 10, 2017 6

While the word to get the most attention this was “sycophant”, Malcolm Turnbull spent a lot more time talking about electricity during the first week of Parliament. A survey of his media appearances, speeches and answers in question time over Parliament’s first week back shows he used the word sycophant a mere five times (to […]

Mike Baird’s secret privatisation strategy

January 19, 2017 11

The politics of successful privatisation are tricky -- but NSW's Mike Baird managed a clever trick for quieting opposition.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to increase your power bills — again

October 6, 2016 15

Invoking energy security at all costs is a recipe for gold-plating and higher power bills -- just ask the Productivity Commission.

Electricity privatisation more complex than Keane suggests

March 20, 2015

Crikey readers discuss privatisation and mercy for the members of the Bali Nine on death row.

Self-serving Business Council’s energy report poisons gas debate

Self-serving Business Council’s energy report poisons gas debate

November 11, 2014 18

The BCA's latest energy report exists only to mislead Australians and degrade public debate -- not that you'd read about it.

The strange case of the national delusion on cost of living

The strange case of the national delusion on cost of living

February 7, 2013 29

Polling has found many people think the cost of living is soaring -- when in fact it's not. Crikey investigates which purchases we're particularly deluded about.

Electricity supply: are we in for summer brownouts?

January 17, 2013 5

Some years ago there were dire predictions we might run out of electricity supply during heatwaves. Tony Wood from the Grattan Institute asks what happened to electricity during the last (hot) fortnight.

Essential: Gillard’s momentum halted by scandal

December 10, 2012 3

The AWU smear campaign appears to have damaged the Prime Minister, halting her personal momentum with voters.