July, 2015

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Can we really raise GST but improve the lot of the poor?

, Jul 21, 2015

Beware the assumptions underpinning politicised economic modelling, write Richard Denniss and Cameron Amos from The Australia Institute.
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The shock cost to our kids of a return to WorkChoices!

, Oct 23, 2012

What happens if you apply standard economic consultancy "modelling" techniques to the other side of the productivity debate? This document -- which fell off the back of a truck -- helps explain.
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Report Whacking: your how-to guide on demolishing rubbish reports

, Sep 26, 2012

You too can demolish "independent reports" with this handy guide to the scams used by the consultants and PR agencies who write them (the media isn't very good at it).

Minerals Council surveys its handiwork, declares it ‘volatile’

, Jun 25, 2012

A new report from the mining industry claims the mining tax will be volatile. That's exactly how the industry wanted it.

Mitch’s new public policy paradigm is just the old one continued

, Aug 16, 2011

The public policy process has changed significantly in recent years, but not in the way our most prominent rentseeker claims.
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Economic modelling: more astrology than science

, Jan 06, 2010

Take caution of any pollie brandishing 'economic modelling' in this election year, warns Jessica Irvine, because although they cling to the numbers dearly, it's all just guesswork with pie in the sky figures.